Church of Scientology Nashville Shares with Students on Religious Freedom Day

The Church of Scientology Nashville will hold a special service to observe Religious Freedom Day, which will include inviting local university students to learn about Scientology.

Nashville, TN, October 27, 2018 --( “Without freedom of religion, or freedom of thought, freedom itself cannot exist,” says Rev. Brian Fesler, pastor of the Nashville Church of Scientology. Rev. Fesler is always out in the Nashville community, involved in interfaith services and activities, and is now planning a special Sunday Service to observe International Religious Freedom Day at the end of October.

“We’ve always opened our doors to anyone who is curious about us to help them understand. That is truly what Scientology is all about: understanding,” says Rev. Fesler.

International Religious Freedom Day (October 27) recognizes the passing of the Religious Freedom Act of 1998, which established the office of the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom and highlighted America’s responsibility to the world in guaranteeing Human Right #18, Freedom of Thought and Belief.

To observe the day, the Church of Scientology Nashville has invited religious studies classes to come to Sunday Service, have a tour of the church, and get their questions answered.

Rev. Fesler also pointed out that in 2017, the Church of Scientology International released a booklet covering the subject of religious freedom. The booklet, which includes authoritative texts, contains what any person might want to know to protect their rights to practice their religion in peace and harmony. The booklet is available in seventeen languages, is downloadable from the website, and contains chapters on the Rights of Parents and Children, Freedom from Discrimination, and the Rights of Employers, Employees and Volunteers.

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Julie Brinker