Creative Enzymes Has Launched New Product Called Pectolyase

New York, NY, October 31, 2018 --( Creative Enzymes has announced today that they had just launched a new product called Pectolyase, and declared that they had spent much time on the research and development for the completion of this product because it can greatly accelerate fruit juice filtration and promote clarification in fruit crushing. They firmly believe pectolyase will be the most important enzyme in fruit processing.

Pectolyase is the main component of decomposing plants; it is widely distributed in higher plants and microorganisms. Depending on the substrate, it can be divided into three types: two types (Pectinesterase and polygalacturonase) exist in higher plants and microorganisms, and one type (Pectin Depolymerase) exists in microorganisms, especially in pathogenic microorganisms that infect plants.

Some detailed information of Pectolyase is listed below:
PH feature
PH: 3.0
Temperature characteristic

Action principle
Pectolyase is extracted from rhizopus to degrade the pectin between cells and separate the cells from the tissue.

“We are so excited to launch pectolyase to the public. As per the specialties of pectolyase, the effect is more obvious when it is used with other enzymes together in fruit processing. We hope this new product will help more not only for fruit and vegetable processing industry but also for other food processing area. We will make continuous effort to develop more beneficial enzyme products for the society,” commented a chief marketing staff in Creative Enzymes.

For more detailed information about the company and product:

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