AGS Cut Ties with Plastic Earlier This Month – Europe is Taking Lead on the Plastic Ban

New York, NY, October 28, 2018 --( Animals as small as plankton and as large as whales are all known to eat plastic; this issue may finally be put to rest as the European Parliament has voted to ban single use plastics. Thinking back to May 2018, there was a colossal wave of plastic swept across the nations, that was the final straw in their eyes and the plan to fix plastic pollution was put into place.

Single use plastics refer to products such as straws, plates, cutlery, containers, bottles and food packagings. Unfortunately, these are all products that the average person uses daily; a plastic straw for their coffee, plastic container for fruit as a snack, plastic cutlery for lunch on the go and several plastic bags for every trip to the grocery store. Although, many individuals and companies have taken it upon themselves to live their life using no plastic or as little as possible, it is very challenging and unfortunately very expensive. Having the whole European Parliament on board will obligate and push citizens to cut plastic use out of their daily lives.

Plastic straws in the office have been switched to paper ones and plastic bottles were substituted by metal ones. According to Independent UK, the ban is intended to affect items for which valid alternatives are available, which are estimated to make up over 70 percent of marine litter, meaning straws for example. Over the years, people have come up with many alternatives for straws; paper, card, glass, bamboo, wooden, pasta and even corn. It is truly sad that we have gotten so used to having things in plastic containers that any other substitutes are not entirely acceptable to us.

AGS just last week cut all ties with plastic entirely. As an environmentally friendly company, they felt that the change is truly necessary as changes in the world are done by example and not through opinions.
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Ella Tabak