On January 20, 2020, SOLAREUM Inc. announced the company has rolled up the "KEO Smart Home" and "America Green Solar (AGS)" brands into a new portfolio called SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES. SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES (SHR) is the unique combination of SOLAREUM SMARTHOME and... - January 21, 2020

America Green Soar - Green Team Program

AGS thrives on the thought of expansion and growth. As a result, their business development team created the GTP (Green Team Program). The GTP is their way of extending a hand to those who want to help the environment but may have restrictions. The program allows people to work from anywhere in the... - November 11, 2018

AGS Haunted Happy Hour – the Follow Up

AGS has taken it upon themselves to spread their passion for the solar industry around to as many people as possible; on Tuesday the 30th October they hosted a “Haunted Happy Hour” event in Brooklyn, New York. The event brought the community together and gathered a wide range of... - November 04, 2018

AGS Cut Ties with Plastic Earlier This Month – Europe is Taking Lead on the Plastic Ban

Animals as small as plankton and as large as whales are all known to eat plastic; this issue may finally be put to rest as the European Parliament has voted to ban single use plastics. Thinking back to May 2018, there was a colossal wave of plastic swept across the nations, that was the final straw... - October 28, 2018

America Green Solar Proud to Announce New Partnership with Eco Bru Toothbrushes

Our environment has been asking for help for years now and people are finally starting to take action. There is a reason why “small changes lead to big changes” is a fairly accurate statement, especially when it comes to this. The damage that has been done to our earth did not happen... - October 21, 2018

Why AGS is Essential to the Environment’s Survival – UN Intergovernmental Panel Declaration

We may have hit an absolute low when it comes to climate change, this past week the UN’s intergovernmental panel declared the world had only a dozen years left to take the steps necessary to prevent a global warming catastrophe. Why is it so hard for people to address and take action when it... - October 14, 2018

AGS’s Climate Week NYC Solar Brunch, the Aftermath

Last Sunday, America Green Solar hosted yet another “Solar Brunch” for this year’s Climate Week in New York City. There was a wide range of attendees at the event with different backgrounds and needs regarding the solar industry. From students who were sent there for class... - October 07, 2018

America Green Solar Has Partnered with Clean Air NY

AGS is excited to announce a new partnership with Clean Air NY, a program dedicated to helping reduce air pollution in the New York metropolitan area. Clean Air NY aims to show people how small, everyday actions can create a long lasting impact in improving air quality. Through their shared... - September 23, 2018

America Green Solar Starts Funding Program for Rebuilding Credit

America Green Solar is already at the top of the chain when it comes to sustainability and the solar industry, given that they are fully integrated in all US 50 states. It is a well-known fact that going eco-friendly is the right thing to do; that we all need to make small and simple adjustments to... - September 16, 2018

America Green Solar Hosts "Solar Brunch" at Climate Week 2018

For the second year in a row, America Green Solar is honored to announce that they will be hosting a brunch event in collaboration with Climate Week NYC. Climate Week is a huge event whose aim is to “showcase amazing climate action” and discuss the ways in which, we as a society, can do... - September 09, 2018

America Green Solar Introduces Their Green Team Program

America Green Solar was founded with a mission in mind: to Paint America Green. The company works to stay on the cutting edge of the environmental sector, whether through utilising cutting edge technology, streamlining the Solar sales process, or expanding its reach beyond sustainability and into... - September 02, 2018

America Green Solar is Set to Attend Riis Park Beach Bazaar

Renewable energy never takes a break and neither does America Green Solar. This upcoming Sunday, the 26th of August, AGS is taking its passion for the environment to the Riis Park Beach Bazaar in order to meet people from the New York area. The Riis Park Beach Bazaar is located in Rockaway Park... - August 26, 2018

Breaking New Grounds - Sustainable Development

The Youth Assembly’s 22nd edition has officially come to an end and America Green Solar was truly honored to be a part of it. It seems fairly obvious, but the goal of the event was to target the youth and each company had a different mission on how to achieve it. America Green Solar’s... - August 19, 2018

America Green Solar Going Against Unclean Energy

August 1st 2018, officially marks Earth Overshoot Day. When we think of Earth, we think it will supply us for a lifetime. According to Global Footprint Network (GFN) we have used the equivalent of 1.7 Earths to support human civilization. The result of this causes economic damage, pollution,... - August 05, 2018

America Green Solar Joining the Local Community

America Green Solar joined with the community along with Hollis Presbyterian Church at 10 a.m-6 p.m on July 20th, 2018. The street fair event was held for many organizations to come together and build a growing relationship. This summer event took place in Queens, New York. The AGS team is pleased... - July 29, 2018

America Green Solar Continues to Expand Quickly

Three years after being founded, America Green Solar continues to grow and revolutionize the solar industry. Between a new CEO, cutting edge technology, and growing sales teams across the country, exciting things are happening at AGS, with much more to come. After launching sales of dual fuel... - July 25, 2018

America Green Solar Expands in the Natural State with the Launch of a New Channel Partner

America Green Solar is making its way to the Natural State, as a new channel partner launches in Arkansas this week. And with fewer than one thousand homes having solar systems, America’s fastest-growing solar company has plenty of room for further growth in the state of three million. The... - July 15, 2018

America Green Solar Looks to the California Horizon

America’s fastest-growing solar company is ready to open new markets in California. The only solar company with capability to operate in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico at this time, the team at America Green Solar was thrilled to learn that solar panels are now mandatory additions to... - May 17, 2018

America Green Solar to Kick of Its Franchising Program

How can a company launched only 3 years ago have the widest geographic influence in its field? The leaders behind America Green Solar want to share their success and their innovative solutions for sustainability. America Green Solar is ramping up to become the only renewable energy company to have... - May 05, 2018

America Green Solar Receives A Rating from Better Business Bureau, Supports Top Charities

America's fastest growing solar company has received formal recognition for its commitment to bettering the world. - May 02, 2018

America Green Expands Amid Federal Support for Fossil Fuels

America Green Solar continues its commitment to clean energy amid rapidly expanding fossil fuels. During a time when clean-energy innovations are being systematically dashed, America Green Solar is emboldened that improvements will be made in the energy sector: the Los Angeles- and New York-based... - April 01, 2018

America Green Solar Expands Despite Federal Support for Fossil Fuels

America Green Solar continues its commitment to clean energy amid rapidly expanding fossil fuels. During a time when clean-energy innovations are being systematically dashed, America Green Solar is emboldened that improvements will be made in the energy sector: the Los Angeles- and New York-based... - April 01, 2018

America Green Solar Presents Solareum, the First Ever Solar Cryptocurrency

Solareum is a currency that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain that is the first and foremost coin to be backed by major solar companies. - December 06, 2017

Help America Go Green Through AGS’s Green Team Program

America Green Solar’s Green Team Program gives you all the tools and training needed to start your career. Whether you want to save the environment or just make some extra cash, you can do it anywhere, anytime. - November 12, 2017

America Green Solar to Make Its First Appearance at the Solar Business Festival

America Green Solar will be hosting a kickoff mixer event at this year's Solar Business Festival. - November 09, 2017

Join America Green Solar for a Thanksgiving Brunch

Join America Green Solar for a Thanksgiving themed brunch, all about helping communities and going green. - November 05, 2017

America Green Helps Texas Go Solar

America Green is proud to announce its Texas expansion, helping the Lone Star State to go solar. - October 29, 2017

America Green Solar Makes Huge Strides in Environmental Efforts

America Green Solar is proud to report the great work done in saving the environment by going solar. - October 22, 2017

Rebuild Communities While Doing Good for the Environment

Help America Green Solar rebuild communities while doing good for the environment. America Green Solar is launching solar heating with a campaign directed at helping communities affected by recent natural disasters. - October 08, 2017

America Green Solar Stands with No More

America Green Solar stands with No More to help eliminate sexual assault and domestic violence. - September 08, 2017

America Green Solar is Proud to Relaunch the Community Fundraiser Program

America Green Solar stands with its sustainable partners in their philanthropic missions through relaunching the Community Fundraiser Program. - September 07, 2017

America Green Has Partnered with Groupon

America Green announces they are on Groupon in the following markets: New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Miami, FL Portland, OR Philadelphia, PA Las Vegas, NV Baltimore, MD America Green aims to reach more homeowners and business owners via Groupon. This Solar Provider’s goal is to reach as many... - June 29, 2016

America Green Launching in Maryland

America Green is bringing its grassroots campaign to the state of Maryland and aims to spread awareness about the advantages of solar energy systems with $0 down installation rate. This initiative extends nationwide. America Green is looking for Partners who share the same enthusiasm and vision... - June 15, 2016

America Green is Launching Groupons

The Renewable Energy Movement has started slow in the United States compared to other countries, such as Germany. However, the demand for solar energy has been increasing at a faster rate. The US has reached its 1 Millionth Solar Installation. A milestone has been reached. America Green is proud... - May 28, 2016

America Green Launching in New Markets

America Green is looking for local partnerships in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and California. America Green is launching a Partnership Program for local business owners. The goal of America Green is to be able to help homeowners and business owners understand the process and full benefits of... - January 24, 2016

America Green is Launching Partnership Campaigns with Local Businesses

America Green will be working with local businesses to increase renewable energy awareness. - January 10, 2016

Is It Possible? America Green Takes Part in a Solar Revolution

Renewable Energy is no longer a product of the future. It is what we need today. - January 01, 2016

America Green Announces Launch of First Groupon Offer

Today, America Green announces the launch of their first Groupon offer. Making Groupon a place to go for tips, money-saving opportunities and other useful information for local businesses and homeowners in the United States. For the first time, America Green is using this platform to reach out to... - December 30, 2015

Grassroots Efforts Help Make Solar an Affordable Option

Hoping to put solar panels atop the three-family home, this homeowner in White Plains reached out to half a dozen installers for price estimates. Most didn't return his calls. One looked at a Google image of his roof and told him - erroneously - that solar wouldn't be viable on his row house. - December 25, 2015

America Green Solar Increases Presence in NY

America Green supports NY states federally funded green projects for homeowners and business owners. NYSERDA has invested more than $350 million in energy-efficiency programs and brought about an estimated additional investment of $850 million, for a total of $1.2 billion in public and private... - December 23, 2015

America Green Solar Sets Roots in California

California has been a leader in energy efficiency policy and programs since the 1970s. It established the first major utility efficiency programs in the 1980s, and the first PBF in 1996. CPUC provides policy oversight of the state PBF. CPUC approves plans for efficiency programs in each of the... - December 23, 2015

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