First-of-a-Kind "Smart" Hotel in Airport

Sleepbox, Inc., a first-of-a-kind micro-hotel company, launched its standalone smart hotel rooms inside of Washington Dulles Intl. Airport in November. The on-demand sleeping rooms are located after security, creating a travel experience like never before.

Boston, MA, December 13, 2018 --( First-of-a-Kind, Smart Micro-Hotel Launched in Washington Dulles Intl. Airport.

Highly anticipated start-up, Sleepbox, opened its first location in time for the Thanksgiving travel rush.

Sleepbox is a Boston-based startup creating a new type of smart micro-hotel with modular, stand alone rooms. Sleepboxes can be installed anywhere, even in airport terminals. Sleepbox’s first location, a 1,200-square-foot space in IAD are located after security in Terminal A, offering 16 secure and sound-insulated Sleepboxes which passengers can reserve on an hourly basis through the company’s smartphone app. The app will not only allow customers to book but also unlock the room and control its features - creating a seamless, on-demand hospitality experience. Finally, travelers encountering delays and long layovers will now have a private oasis in the middle of the rush.

The installation opened in November 2018, makes Dulles International the first airport in the world to offer Sleepboxes. As the primary international airport in Washington, D.C., Dulles serves nearly 22 million passengers a year and acts as a major hub for United Airlines. Sleepbox is unique in that it offers a quiet and comfortable place within the airport to sleep, relax, or work while waiting to board a flight and is available 24 hours per day, year-round. The Airport Authority described the facility as “similar to what a traveler would experience in a small hotel room or similar private area.”

“We believe that the opportunity to relax and recharge in the midst of our busy lives is a valuable asset,” said Mikhail Krymov, Sleepbox Co-Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to have won this prestigious contract and look forward to joining the Dulles Airport community.”

“Our seamless experience provides an oasis of ease and simplicity in an otherwise tiring journey,” Peter Chambers, Sleepbox Co-Founder, says. “Whether a traveler wants to nap, work, or recharge, our secure, sound-insulated and versatile Sleepboxes provide the perfect oasis of calm.”

Mikhail Krymov Co-Founder and CEO of Sleepbox, Inc. (617) 909-5214,

About Sleepbox
Sleepbox, Inc. was first founded out of M.I.T. three years ago in Boston by Mikhail Krymov and Peter Chambers. In response to their own travel frustrations, Krymov and Chambers identified a need in the marketplace that was not being met for the new generation of travelers.

The company’s Sleepbox rooms have seen three years of testing in two European hotel locations. Its patented, modular, stand-alone technology brings accommodations to where travelers need them the most. Sleepbox takes a luxury-minimalist and technology-driven approach to the hospitality industry, offering rooms with Wifi, Bluetooth capability, mood lighting, a memory foam mattress, privacy and security.

In addition to the Dulles project, Sleepbox has begun projects internationally with other major airports. Sleepbox is also set to open a Boston flagship hotel in 2019. The company can launch a hotel wherever it’s needed – near the gates in an airport or in heart of a city. It’s unique Sleepbox offers turn-key solutions for operators, making Sleepbox the easiest hotel to launch and run.
Mikhail Krymov
(617) 909-5214