CougarShield®’s Omani Partner, Ozone Oman Expands Into Salalah, Oman

CougarShield International and Ozone Oman announces strategic partnership with 180 Care to bring to customers in Salalah, Oman the innovative high performance products of CougarShield® coatings.

Salalah, Oman, October 31, 2018 --( CougarShield®’s strategic partner in Oman, Ozone Oman is pleased to announce its partnership with a newly established high-end car detailing outlet in Salalah, 180 Care; to offer the high performance CougarShield® car paint protection to Salalah drivers.

“180 Care is Ozone Oman’s partner in Salalah that is offering advanced, technological green car detailing products like CougarShield®. We are pleased bring our unique expertise in car detailing to Salalah, and have trained the 180 Care’s staff to maintain the same excellent level of workmanship as our Muscat outlet,” said Ozone Oman’s Managing Director Alaa Jarrar.

“We are delighted and congratulate Ozone Oman on the opening of this new outlet in Salalah, the second largest city in Oman. With its spacious and sleek store design, it will certainly provide a luxurious car detailing experience for car owners of Salalah. This signifies the growing acceptance and recognition of safe, non-VOC car detailing products in Oman due to the strong outreach effects of our partner, Ozone Oman,” said CougarShield®’s Commercial Director, Vincent Soh.

Ozone Oman is the first and only company in Oman to provide a new category of water based, VOC-free car paint protection system using CougarShield®’s Nano-Titanium coatings. Since its introduction into the Omani market, Ozone Oman have served many satisfied car owners in Muscat and have since expanded into Salalah.

About CougarShield International
CougarShield International is headquartered in Singapore, and is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings. When applied onto surfaces of automotive or buildings, CougarShield® coatings forms a protective layer that protects and maintains the original condition of the coated surface, provides superb properties such as gloss enhancement, hydrophobic water barrier protection as well as superior hardness, and expansion & contraction adaptability. Water-based and non-toxic, CougarShield®'s unique water-based formulation is also eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment.

About Ozone Oman
Ozone Oman is Oman’s leading company in automotive grooming with a key focus on the latest technologies in automotive protection and repair that complies with environmental needs and energy saving. The current portfolio of products includes high performance window films, patented technologies for smart repairs, anti-rust and corrosion as well the latest CougarShield®’s water based coatings incorporating Nano-Titanium technology. Coupled with a highly motivated team of employees dedicated to Quality and Productivity, Ozone Oman aims to provide customers with highly reliable products and services at competitive price with better product flexibility, consistency and optimum service.

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