AGS Haunted Happy Hour – the Follow Up

New York, NY, November 04, 2018 --( AGS has taken it upon themselves to spread their passion for the solar industry around to as many people as possible; on Tuesday the 30th October they hosted a “Haunted Happy Hour” event in Brooklyn, New York. The event brought the community together and gathered a wide range of attendees, from university students to company partners. Whilst the operation and fulfillment managers gave the presentation on how to save with solar, the audience’s backgrounds came to light as many questions were asked and answered.

Solar panel replicas were placed all around the lounge to help give potential home owner customers a visual representation of what the products that could save them money look like. AGS understands what needs to happen in order to people to take action against the problems our planet is facing in today’s world. Getting everyone to visually see what has happened, what is currently happening and what will happen if we don’t take action will make all the difference. Visual representations make it easier for everyone to comprehend the current situation we are in and AGS couldn’t be prouder of the fact that they have contributed to this factor and continue to do so.

America Green Solar has several upcoming events planned. In order to stay on top of future brunches, please check eventbrite or their social media pages at: @AmericaGreenSolar and @AmericaGreenSolar_
America Green Solar
Ella Tabak