Nostalgia Family Medicine Announces Newest Patient Treatment Program

Longwood-Lake Mary, Florida Primary Care Doctor Now Offers BEMER Vascular Therapy Treatment Program.

Longwood, FL, December 14, 2018 --( Dr. Brandon Fletcher, MD owner of Nostalgia Family Medicine announces his newest vascular therapy treatment program for patients suffering from difficulty breathing, loss of concentration and back pain. This Longwood Florida direct primary care medical office is now offering BEMER Therapy.

Dr. Fletcher stated, “The BEMER Therapy is designed to open the micro-vessels which then increases blood and oxygen flow. Patients who find themselves out of breath doing simple cardiovascular movements such as climbing a flight of stairs, carrying light objects, doing light housework may be a candidate for the BEMER Therapy. This form of treatment allows for expansion of the blood vessels, so blood flow is not slowed down and therefore giving more oxygen to the heart. It’s a wonderful treatment and I encourage anybody having shortness of breath and feeling like they have a lack of oxygen to give me a call for an evaluation. Patients also suffering from back pain and a lack of concentration may also find relief in using the BEMER Therapy.”

BEMER Vascular Therapy stimulates the body’s micro-vessels in the event there is impairment of circulation. Patients suffering from a lack of circulation often find themselves out of breath, experiencing back pain, experience loss of sleep and a lack of concentration. By stimulating the micro-vessels using the BEMER Vascular Therapy, blood vessels are opened up so that blood can flow freely throughout the body and therefore increase oxygen intake.

Nostalgia Family Medicine is a direct primary care (DPC) practice offering concierge medicine. Patients can text or call Dr. Fletcher directly for their healthcare questions with no middle man. Various packages for pricing are available online at as patients are not required to carry medical insurance for treatment. With this direct primary care physician office patients pay an annual fee or retainer.

Dr. Fletcher added, “With this model of Direct Primary Care it allows me to build relationships with my patients and really get to know them. Patients are not just a number in my DPC practice. I give them my personal cell phone number so they can call or text me at any time with their questions. I certainly see many patients in my office, but with the DPC healthcare model it allows for greater flexibility in treating patients by offering telemedicine services too.”

Monthly payment options start at $100.00 per month for office and telemedicine visit pricing. Nostalgia Family Medicine also offers pricing for home visits as well as family pricing and walk-in visits. Dis-counts are available for patients who wish to make biannual or annual payments.

Men and women seeking wellness exams, cold, flu, body ache care, blood pressure care, sinus care, help with leg pain, neck pain, back pain, breaks, bumps, bruises and any health concerns are invited to call Nostalgia Family Medicine at 407-543-1270 or visit online at Dr. Fletcher, M.D. is available for both in office visits, in home visits and telemedicine consultations. His office is located at 771 Cierra Creek Court, Longwood, Florida 32750.
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