Lucas Ray Exp, New Brazilian Prog Rock/Metal Act

Lucas Ray is a guitarist, singer and composer, born in São Luís (Maranhao, Brazil), but raised in several cities. He releases his new project with a 5 track EP progressive rock and metal called Sphinx.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2018 --( From the restlessness of modern life comes an analogy to a famous episode of Greek mythology: the Sphinx, which asks us an important question. The riddle is no longer a problem of logic, rather a question of our own essence – the Sphinx wants to know who you are, and what you are made of.

In this inquiry we find the EP Sphinx, the Debut EP of LRE – Lucas Ray Exp. A modern and unusual progressive rock act. With little fear of showing its references and influences of the great prog rock classics, Sphinx is the first recorded work of the guitarist and composer Lucas Ray, that twists the famous legend to create something new and unique.

Lucas Ray is a guitarist, singer and composer, born in São Luís (MA), but raised in several cities – Rancho Cucamonga and Upland (California, USA), Scarsdale (NY), Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Ribeirão Preto and São Paulo (Brazil). The guitar, always present in his life since age 14, instigated new compositions and ideas, even during the little free time of when he studied engineering. The cosmopolitan influence is noted in his music, which stitches progressive rock with Brazilian elements and translates relevant and current issues into poetry.

Produced by Helio Castelhano and recorded at Estúdio DSN, the EP Sphinx brings this Zeitgeist with beautiful and distorted guitars and the voice of Lucas Ray, accompanied by drummer Bruno Valverde (Angra), bassist Alexandre Panta (Youtube channel Fala Baixista, among others), keyboardist Neemias Teixeira and percussionist Alex Fogaça (tracks Run Rabbit, Run, Xibalba and Sphinx).

A melody that echoed in Lucas Ray from his childhood inaugurates the EP in the instrumental track Reveries. Scenes from the various cities where he grew up are heard in the lines of the song. In the psychedelic Run, Rabbit, Run, an attempt to comprehend, and forget, the web of lies of modern life. The fiction begins in Xibalba, inspired by Mayan mythology and the feature film The Fountain, by Darren Aronofsky, in which death, love and the search for eternal life are portrayed in three eras. His trip to Iceland in 2014 showed him a reality so different and striking that inspired the song Iceland.

Sphinx is the Prog Epic composition of the EP, which tells the story of the Sphinx and its imposed questions.

The Sphinx EP will be released on most music digital platforms on November 13, 2018, preceded by the single Reveries, which will be released on October 31st.
Lucas Ray Exp
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