Maxburg Capital Partners Acquires German-Based KGS, Specialist for SAP Archiving

The Maxburg Beteiligungen III fund advised by Maxburg Capital Partners acquires 100% of the SAP archive specialist KGS on 14 November 2018. Winfried Althaus becomes the sole managing director.

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, November 28, 2018 --( In a bid to strengthening the company’s further growth and further expand its excellent market position, the founders and previous shareholders of KGS, Stephan Grau and Reiner Kraus, transferred 100 percent of their shares to Maxburg in November 2018. In the wake of the ownership change, Winfried Althaus (53) became the sole managing director of KGS. He has been running the company with his previous executive management colleagues since 2013.

Maxburg Capital Partners is a German investment management firm. The funds advised by Maxburg concentrate on long-term investments in companies with the aim of achieving a lasting and sustainable increase in value. The anchor investor of the Munich-based investment firm is the Essen-based RAG Foundation, which attaches particular importance to ongoing, sustainable and long-term growth. “Thanks to its corporate culture and business style, KGS fits very well into our portfolio,” explains Moritz Greve, a partner at Maxburg. “Together with the KGS team, we want to continue the successful development of the company to date and seize the opportunity to expand the current KGS customer base both domestically and abroad.”

The KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG provides the world’s leading technology for SAP-based document management. The company was founded in 2000 and has been SAP’s global outsourcing partner for SAP ArchiveLink interface certification since 2005. Many companies that use SAP are currently consolidating their IT landscapes in order to set up SAP as a central system. KGS has developed dedicated software tools and end-to-end solutions for SAP-centric IT environments. Owing to this business model, the company has been able to achieve steady growth in terms of sales, earnings and staff numbers in recent years. The SAP archiving specialist has recently made its software available for non-SAP systems to tap into new markets.

As the sole future CEO, graduate engineer Winfried Althaus has already been playing a decisive role in shaping this course in recent years and will now continue to pave a path to success together with a second-tier management team staffed by experienced KGS employees. Althaus has been building expertise in marketing integrated workflows and document management solutions in SAP and non-SAP environments for over 25 years. His experience further extends to building new business structures in Germany and other countries. Before joining KGS, he held leading positions at FIS, OCR Systemhaus and Autodigit Software. “Maxburg is the ideal partner we were looking for as they fit in very well with the KGS corporate culture, both in terms of their interpersonal style and their corporate focus,” he explained. “It is the company’s goal to continue to grow with our solutions and concepts, which are successful in the market, and above all to open up new business fields on an international scale. Thanks to Maxburg’s support, we are in an excellent position to make this happen.”

About Maxburg Capital Partners

Maxburg Capital Partners is an investment management firm focusing on the German-speaking region. The funds advised by Maxburg favor long-term investments in profitable medium-sized companies with the aim of achieving a lasting and sustainable increase in value. Maxburg has an exceptionally flexible investment mandate and invests in privately held as well as listed companies across the entire capital structure spectrum.

About KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG
KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, is an established expert for SAP archiving and document management. Leading companies across the globe rely on solutions from KGS to archive data in SAP. The broad KGS product portfolio ranges from high-performance SAP archives, ILM and document capturing through to fully automated SAP archive migration tools. KGS supplies third-party software providers with consistent, sophisticated and release-safe interfaces and offers professional consulting services to ensure a smooth technical integration. In 2005, KGS became a global outsourcing partner of SAP for SAP ArchiveLink and ILM interface certification, and as a global SAP Value Add Solutions Partner, the company, together with its international partners, serves high-end customers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Australia, as well as in most European countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG
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