Torque Lock Rescues the Oasis at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama

While structural cracking had rendered the Oasis useless to visitors, Alabama Poolworks used Torque Lock Structural Staples to rescue the cherished landmark.

Canoga Park, CA, December 03, 2018 --( Torque Lock, the manufacturer of the patented Torque Lock Structural Staple and Stitching Method, has delivered 2000 structural staples to repair thousands of linear feet of structural cracking that threatened to close Alabama's cherished Oasis landmark. Alabama Poolworks, the leading professional pool repair company in Alabama, relied on the structural staples and stitching method to repair the Orange Beach water attraction for future generations.

When the lazy river and wave pool were originally poured, structural cracks formed throughout the pool, essentially turning the pool into a leak ridden sieve. The engineers who installed the structure used epoxy to fill the cracks before coating the surface for use. As noted by Torque Lock, this was clearly a mistake. The amount of cracking that runs throughout the entire pool and river shows that mistakes were made in the beginning that could not be permanently repaired with epoxy products.

Torque Lock's patented staple and stitching method are used the world over to secure structural cracking in solid concrete structures. The staples patented Cam-Lock technique stabilizes the concrete crack by creating up to 5000 lbs of compression torque for each staple installed. The only controlled post tension staple on the market - it was more than a decision for repairing the cracks - it was a requirement if the pool and water features were ever to be leak free again.

"It looks like a patchwork quilt," shared ginger, an employee in the office at Alabama Poolworks. "There are so many staples running around that pool, you can't count them."

The Oasis at the Wharf in Orange Beach is heralded as a favorite vacation spot for visitors to Alabama and the pool, lazy river and water park area are a cherished landmark. For the summertime in 2019, visitors are assured they'll enjoy it as if it never cracked in the first place.

Alabama Poolworks is located in Fairhope and Foley and offers years of experience in top level pool repair work and services serving Eastern Shore, North Baldwin County, Central and South Baldwin.

Torque Lock Structural Systems proudly manufactures the patented Torque Lock Structural Staple for concrete repair in pools, walls, foundations, fountains, sea walls and more. Torque Lock is available at, or by calling 818-436-2953.
Joe Dolan