Estate Valuations & Pricing Systems' EVP Everywhere Launches First Integration, with TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Software

EVP Systems' EVP Everywhere is now integrated into TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Software. EVP Everywhere allows any third-party software to quickly and easily price historical securities for estate-tax purposes.

Santa Barbara, CA, December 04, 2018 --( Estate Valuations & Pricing Systems, Inc. announced a dramatic change in the way historical securities pricing for estate-tax purposes are done today, with the launch of the first integration of its evaluation-as-a-service product, EVP Everywhere.

Included as part of the latest release of TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Software, from TEdec Systems, Inc., EVP Everywhere is a network-based evaluation service that uses the same pricing engine as the industry-leading estate valuation software, EstateVal. By making requests over the Internet, third-party systems now have quick access to prices that have previously only been available through EstateVal itself, without the need for additional software. EVP Everywhere can be used by any other system, from commercial trust packages like TEdec to in-house evaluation programs at banks and law offices.

"EstateVal has been trusted for over thirty years to produce the best pricing for IRS Form 706 Schedule B reports, by trust departments, probate referees, and hundreds of other tax professionals," said EVP Systems founder and president, Michael A. Walker, Ph.D. "Now, those same evaluations can be used directly by their software. It's like taking three decades of historical security evaluation expertise and plugging it straight into another program."

Based on widely-adopted Internet standards and running over an encrypted connection to the EVP Systems servers, EVP Everywhere uses the REST protocol to accept requests and provide answers as JSON or XML. Client data is stored on an encrypted filesystem and in an encrypted database. Redundancy is provided by multiple servers running in different, geographically diverse data centers.

More information about EVP Everywhere is available at or from the EVP Systems Sales Department at
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Jack Barthel