2018 Third Quarter Amazon Sales Records Show That SocksLane Compression Socks Soar Higher Than Usual

Portland, OR, December 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- SocksLane cotton compression socks for women are highly being favored by pregnant women which contributed to more sales for the 3rd quarter of 2018. The hypoallergenic compression socks are effective in reducing muscle tiredness and helps also with the prevention of varicose veins. A common problem amongst pregnant women is tired and swollen legs. Expectant mothers know too well how painful their legs can be especially during the last trimester. With the number of pregnant women this July to September, more pregnant mothers buy cotton compression socks.

SocksLane brand is at the top of the list of pregnant women because of its comfort according to some feedback from actual customers. Mary, a working mother, and a verified Amazon Prime shopper said in her feedback: “This is the best compression socks I have ever tried. I bought different brands because I really am having a hard time as a working mom and pregnant at the same time. I like the compression and the fit is comfortable. At the end of my day, I still feel energized and my legs are not that tired at all. I highly recommend these for pregnant women like me.”

SocksLane is dedicated not just to providing women cotton compression socks but give their customers after sales support as well by increasing awareness regarding the dangers of neglecting legs health. SocksLane has released a sequence of reports, blog posts, videos and other forms of information on various ways to prevent common problems such as fatigue, inflammations, swellings or varicose veins, and many more.

SocksLane Combed Compression Socks are made of 65% natural combed cotton and blended with hypo-allergenic stretch fibers. To date, they are the leading provider of premium compression cotton socks for women. You can check out their products on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/SocksLane-Women-Compression-Socks-Graduated/dp/B01N1F8MCD
Amanda Dixon