Young Artist Brings Paris to Kansas City - Artwork by Haley

Young artist and entrepreneur Haley Sellmeyer shares her knowledge of Paris.

Kansas City, KS, December 06, 2018 --( After taking a trip to Paris, France young artist and entrepreneur Haley Sellmeyer shares her knowledge of Parisian life and the city of Paris through art. At just 11 years old, young Sellmeyer has been honored to have her artwork displayed in over 50 gallery and art fair shows around the Kansas City area. Sellmeyer has sold numerous pieces of her acrylic, oil & mixed media art to patrons across the United States, as well as patrons in China and Germany. Sellmeyer states, "People purchase my artwork because it's good and it makes them happy."

Sellmeyer began creating at just one year old. Her mother was trying to find ways to stimulate her brain, worried about brain development; as her daughter was born two months premature. Young Sellmeyer states, "It's just been a progression from there."

Haley Sellmeyer also runs her own successful artwork business "Artwork by Haley" with the help of her parents John and Susan Sellmeyer. "My parents help me with the logistics of the business, but ultimately I make all the decisions and am involved in all aspects of my artwork business," states young Sellmeyer. She has already started saving for college and in 2017 she purchased a trip to Paris, France accompanied by her mother.

During her stay in Paris, young Sellmeyer gained a wealth of knowledge of Parisian life, Paris history and the iconic landmarks in Paris. Sellmeyer, who is currently an Artist in Residence at the Paper Birch Landing Gallery in North, KCMO brought that knowledge back to Kansas City with her to create an entire series of artwork she calls her "Paris Collection." The collection features ten pieces of textured artwork depicting different aspects of Paris. Each piece focuses on young Sellmeyer's knowledge, inspiration and representation of Paris. Sellmeyer also focused on the emotions she hoped to invoke in her audience.

Haley Sellmeyer's "Paris Collection" is on display and for sale at the Paper Birch Landing Gallery for her Artist in Residency show this December. Opening night reception is December 14th from 5pm to 9pm at 405 E 19th Ave St. 2B, Kansas City, MO 64116.
Artwork by Haley
Haley Sellmeyer
Susan Sellmeyer