Axiomtek Delivers a Unique Combination of Versatility, Enhanced Security and Ruggedness with the Ultra Small SMARC v2.0 System on Module with i.MX 8M Multi-Core Processor

The rugged, wide temperature RISC-based SMARC v2.0 system on module SCM180 runs on the powerful i.MX 8M processor and has Linux support.

City of Industry, CA, December 05, 2018 --( Axiomtek, a leading design and manufacturing company of innovative, high performance and reliable PC-based industrial computer products, is proud to introduce the SCM180, a SMARC v2.0 system on module with a choice of quad- or dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A53 processors. The ultra low power, high performance, RISC-based module measures only 82 x 50 mm and utilizes the powerful i.MX 8M processor. The SCM180 is unique among other SMARC modules of its kind because it features Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for optimum security. The SCM180 is suitable for a wide range of smart, portable/mobile-integrated IoT applications including robotics, automotive, factory automation, smart agriculture, casino gaming, medical, retail, surveillance and more. With its NXP artificial intelligence core technologies-enabled capabilities, the SMARC module can be programmed to support smart automation and machine-learning application requirements.

Axiomtek USA developed the SCM180 and has created the Axiomtek USA’s SMARC product line roadmap in response to the growing demand for RISC-based products within the local North American region. Led by the local design engineering team, the product was conceived and manufactured in the US in support of the region’s rising preferences for a mobile, RISC-based SOM with rich features such as those of the SCM180’s.

“The Axiomtek team can offer quick-response, hands-on, personalized engineering support and a variety of value-added services to help our RISC-based customers meet their challenges,” said Eric Chiang, Axiomtek USA’s Associated Vice President. “We designed our SMARC module products to offer great flexibility that includes our customer’s desired ruggedness. They can choose an extended operating temperature range of 0°C to +85°C for commercial use, and -40°C to +85°C for industrial use. The SCM180 delivers a wide range of features that are purpose-built to support most application requirements. It’s about making a difference for our customers to achieve their desired level of performance, scalability and high availability to make their deployment a success.

“We are proud to offer great SMARC products that are thoughtfully designed to offer rich, useful interfaces and great expandability. Our design engineering team is highly experienced from years of providing assistance to our customers for a variety of use cases. For example, our medical OEM customer looked for a robust SOM to control the operations of a heart-rate monitoring device and came to us for help. One of our cutting-edge retail automation customers has utilized our SCM module and customization services to build an advanced warehouse robotic system. It was our agriculture technology OEM customer’s SMARC module of choice for their drone control solutions. Axiomtek SCM products were selected by most because it is future-proof and easy to upgrade later down the line. For all of these reasons, Axiomtek USA is thrilled to take the SCM product series to the next level to support our region’s growing needs and demands for products with a balance of quality, versatility and usability.”

The SCM180 is also compatible with Linux operating systems, such as Yocto Project and Ubantu. It will be available for purchase in January of 2019. For more information, please visit or contact us at

Some Key Features:

- Scalable ultra low power i.MX 8M with choices of dual or quad A53 core
- Features Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for optimum security
- Rich interfaces including one GbE LAN, two COMs with TX/RX/RTS/CTS, two RX/TX, two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, one OTG client, two CAN 2.0B, three I2C and one I2S
- Choices of operating temperature ranges: 0°C to +85°C (+32°F to +185°F) for commercial use, and -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) for industrial use

About Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

Axiomtek Co., Ltd. established in 1990, is one of the world's leading designers/manufacturers of embedded industrial computer products. From its origin as a turnkey systems integrator specializing in data acquisition and control systems, Axiomtek has trended with the IIoT evolution by offering smart industrial computer solutions and value-added services for a variety of mission-critical industries including transportation, medical, industrial automation, power utilities and renewable energy, digital signage, network appliances, gaming and retail/POS/Kiosks. The company has more than 60 distributor and technology partners globally. Axiomtek offers industrial computer platforms, single board computers and system on modules, fanless and rugged embedded systems, intelligent transportation systems, EtherCAT Master Controllers, IoT gateway devices, touch panel computers, medical grade PCs, digital signage OPS players, industrial network and network appliances and casino gaming platforms.

Axiomtek USA headquarters is located in City of Industry, Calif. Established in 1994, the subsidiary incorporates product integration and logistics as well as a wide range of service offerings including design assistance, technical support and return merchandise assistance. Axiomtek Systems in Methuen, MA, the company’s Eastern regional headquarters, has added a high level of expertise on COTS integration and a variety of value-added engineering services to Axiomtek USA’s comprehensive suite of capabilities. Axiomtek USA has become the premier service provider for systems integration assistance and project management.

As an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, Axiomtek continuously develops and delivers cutting edge solutions based on the latest Intel® platforms.
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