Kohala Enterprises Ltd Announces Prospectus & Offering Release

Honolulu, HI, December 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Kohala Enterprises Ltd, a hospitality acquisition, development, and management company, has announced the release of its 2019 Prospectus for qualified investors. The company has been seeking capital to fund its lineup of potential projects across the Hawaiian Islands, most notably in Honolulu/Oahu area.

On November 20, 2018, the SEC registered the company’s Regulation D 506c filing, enabling the organization to solicit accredited investors to pool funds together. The company is issuing Series A Preferred Stock in the company, with an issuance valued at approximately $1b USD. This is by far one of the largest offerings out there, which CEO CJ Fernandes has responded to: “We know this is a very large offering for a company of our size and nature. After reviewing the projects we want to get involved with and the team we are looking to build, I found that this would be our best shot to really hit the ground running. I am looking forward to the new people that will come work for me, and the investors that believe in us and will share in our success. We at Kohala Enterprises are committed to our ideals of being one big family; an ohana of stakeholders all coming together to make great things happen.”

Kohala Enterprises has been reviewing some major developments and properties in Honolulu; none of which it can make public at this time. The company was once focused on a more broad real estate development planning, but since 2018, has decided to single down to the hospitality industry.

“This change in our vision and objectives has really allowed me to focus on one sector, which I really have a passion for,” Mr. Fernandes stated. “Customer service has always been an integral part of my past employments, and will continue to be part of my drive as we acquire and develop new hotels that will build on and up our brand and image.”

Kohala Enterprises has a soft launch on its new website, http://kohalaltd.com. The website features a whole new look for the company, and its old website, kohala.us, will redirect visitors to the new site.

About Kohala Enterprises Ltd- Founded in 2015, Kohala Enterprises is a hospitality acquisition, development, and management company located in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kohala Enterprises Ltd
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