A Win-Win-Win Commercialization Merger Closed: The In Focus Brands' Way

After a year in development and negotiation, the merged buyout of the In Focus Brands portfolio is closed with a completely different structure and 2 new companies (In Focus Brands International and In Focus Brands Americas) but with the strategic inclusion that is the In Focus Brands’ trademark.

New York, NY, December 10, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The portfolio of In Focus Brands has been split into 2 newly-created, operational companies: In Focus Brands International and In Focus Brands Americas to accommodate the new funding and resources the original offer brought to the deal and the newer opportunities that were built during the negotiations. The creation of the 2 entities realigns cultures and resources and satisfies all the stakeholders in the new entities.

The original, founding team will operate In Focus Brands International as the ongoing, private label growth experts that were the firm’s foundational business model and unique value proposition to large corporations around the globe. The existing funds-Diamond Point Co Development Fund and the EDA Fund- will continue to be the funding mechanisms for the company’s integrated model of strategy, operational execution and co-funding with their clients.

A new team of Texas and New York resources with currently in-training tactical assets will focus solely on the Americas under In Focus Brands Americas. The Americas’ operational team will have to re-capitalized their funding since all the current funds will be dedicated to larger, overseas private label projects. In Focus Brands America will incorporate the film studio, IFP Films, into their offerings and focus on branded system buildouts, unique branded content and economic development acceleration with the In Focus Brands acceleration model of synergistic systems of strategy coupled with operations and funding.

Tara Lin of the In Focus Brands’ Board explains, “The conclusion of this buyout exemplifies the mastery of our Founder, Robert Manasier, who created a true win for all involved as he has been doing for decades. The commercialization of all entities is completed in a very clean reorganization of our merged portfolio companies. Our focus remains on our clients as it always has and allows us to stay immersed in their businesses as we grow and scale them together.”

COO of In Focus Brands, Jill Daye, adds, “Our original founding team will run the international company as we are at a different stage in our lives and have the freedom to travel the globe as we did when we started this team. We will make sure that Antartica is added to our commercialized continents before we are done. This structure keeps the culture that has been part of 143 launches together and allows In Focus Brands Americas to pivot to the current growing startup markets across the hemisphere and allows the new team members to co-create a new team and culture while leveraging our expansive successes from Canada to Brazil. Bob (Manasier) really accomplished a triple win here for each party at the table and solidified our culture across the globe in these 2 organizations. He always creates incredibly fair and clear results for all.”

While the buyout/merger of In Focus Brands portfolio was progressing, numerous changes have been enacted. The VC Fund- The EDA Fund- has been absorbed into the Diamond Point Co Development Fund to realign the focus on revenue and cash flow. More resources were added to the offerings including service packages to address specific short-term business needs and the acceleration vehicle of client partner-match funding that has been at the core of In Focus Brands’ 3-legged model of execution, strategy & funding since its inception has been enhanced to address very early stage startups. The portfolio websites were put on hiatus and revenue still grew 44% quarter over quarter.

Tony Martin of IFP Films comments, “In keeping with Bob’s (Manasier) culture of people first, he has structured a perfect working model for all with plenty of room to grow. The original team gets to keep their structure/autonomy and the new company can focus on the US market exclusively to further enhance their service offerings to startups and scale companies. We in the Americas company are well-timed to tackle the growing need for sustainable economic and workforce development with the rapidly increasing demand for unique media and branded systems solutions that separate clients from their competitors and in their markets.”

Kay Remson, EDA Fund & In Focus Brands' Board Member, comments, “The true separation from all competitors is that In Focus Brands actually tests in market and constantly immerses across industries to capitalize or create new trends, systems and partnerships. The conclusion of this buyout merger is a further testament to that.”

Up next for the Americas team is a new fund and innovation economic development engine in Texas and the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Illinois. On the international side, there are a number of new private label projects being geared up in tech, consumer products, distribution and esports.

In Focus Brands is creatively practical Commercialization solutions. They have created, resurrected and/or managed over 143 diverse businesses across industries. The company integrates strategy, operational execution and funding by bringing deployable teams and resources to our clients’ present needs and structuring branded systems and staffs for the sustainable and successful future.

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund is a royalty-based fund started by Robert Manasier and In Focus Brands that creates more flexibility during the startup phase and focuses on delivering funding and resources to execute to a branded plan for proof of concept or launch stage companies.
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