"Black Butterfly" Children’s Book Now Available Amazon Takes Young Readers on a High-Flying Journey of Hope and Sharing

A new title in the expanded Funky Dreamer Storytime kid’s book library by author Greg Wachs, "Black Butterfly" brings dreams of flying to life with rich illustrations, story of empathy and friendship.

West Hollywood, CA, December 10, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Colorful illustrations take young readers on a high-flying story of hope and giving in author Greg Wachs’ recent kid’s book, Black Butterfly, now available on Amazon.

“My new book is the story of kids helping one another while experiencing their wildest dreams,” Wachs explained. “The magical Black Butterfly gives three children the gift of flight for just one day, and together they open their hearts to a young boy dealing with the loss of beloved family members. It’s a story of hope, caring, sharing, friendship and empathy for people whose lives are different from ours.”

The story begins with Madison, Fin and Anabelle, who all have problems that make them wish they could fly away. Then a magic Black Butterfly offers each the chance to follow this dream for a single day as long with the condition that they will help Maxito, little boy far away, in Juxta, Guatemala, by seeing the world through his eyes. The three children fly with the butterfly and help Maxito; the empathy and friendship the four children experience helps them all understand that supporting one another is the best way to deal with adversity.

The artful illustrations are the creation Vera Orlova, an artist and illustrator who works mostly in watercolor. She Lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, and is a student at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

Black Butterfly is among the 10 children’s book from author Greg Wachs’ Funky Dreamer Storytime library now available on Amazon. Wachs' titles include, What Animal Am I?; What Do Giraffes Eat? (available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean and Russian); Anabelle & The Crumbs; Donut The Dragon (available in English, Spanish and Tagalog); Milkshake Mermaid; Cute Kitty In The Big Pizza City; and Oscar’s Pasta.

Wachs has teamed up with three new authors to add more new titles to the Funky Dreamer Storytime library: Raising My Baby Sister, written by 9-year-old writer Marissa Martinez; Dinosaurs Don’t Bark written and illustrated by Amir Martel; and Bibby – A Bunny’s Journey written and illustrated by Adam Henry.

All these Funky Dreamer Storytime books are available at Amazon.com and the Funky Dreamer Storytime website.

Free podcasts filled with original songs, music and word-for-word narration are available on iTunes to complement Anabelle & The Crumbs, Donut The Dragon, Milkshake Mermaid, and Oscar’s Pasta.

For more information on these children's books and free podcasts, visit FunkyDreamerStorytime.com.

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