Hodusoft Announce IP PBX Software Tailored for Remote Teams

Hodusoft’s tailored IP PBX emphasizes features that make it easy for remote teams to collaborate and communicate.

Ahmedaad, India, December 12, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Hodusoft, a division of globally acclaimed VoIP services provider Ecosmob, announced launch of revamped IP PBX solutions tailored for remote team participation and use. The VP said that Hodusoft is always forward looking in its approach to deliver the best solutions in communications to its clients.

It is the norm rather than an exception for companies to have remote workers these days. Hodusoft IP PBX software is now tailored to adapt to the requirements of companies to include such remote workforce into their PBX communication systems. As matters stand, said the VP, Hodusoft’s IP PBX software is already state of art with complete features. The feature set includes phonebook, recording, voicemail, speed dial, call forwarding, click to call, call transfers and findme/follow me, to mention a few. These features facilitate communication and collaboration between employees as also with customers or vendors. However, the mobile or remote workforce cannot access these features in a traditional IP PBX setup. Hodusoft changes this by including mobile functionality. An authorized remote worker can simply log into the system and us all features of the IP PBX solution for enterprises. He can also access backend CRM if it is ported into the PBX. There are tangible benefits to making the IP PBX available to remote workers.

Hodusoft has done even better by including Chrome extensions and WebRTC into its IP PBX. Remote workers can now take part in audio or video conference and collaboration with teams at the head office. They can just as well use the WebRTC facility to interact with customers or with vendors. The best thing about this technology is that users need not have any specialized IPPBX hardware. Remote workers need a desktop with webcam, speakers and microphone and internet or just use a smartphone. Even better is that Hodusoft has included the most comprehensive set of features in a hosted IP PBX solution that businesses of any size can afford. The software also has multi-tenancy feature that can be exploited in several ways such as for reports and billing or for tracking usage patterns.

The important this is that Hodusoft has resolved communication issues for enterprises in the matter of including remote workers into the IP-PBX environment with such great ease.

“As always, we look to the future and serve our customers with top of the line communication solutions at affordable prices backed by great support,” concluded the VP.

Hodusoft welcomes inquiries for its IP PBX package tailored for remote team access. They may be contacted by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or by using the form on website http://www.hodusoft.com.
Sindhav Bhagirath