Launches to Help You Create Meaningful Business & Social Connections

Who do you call when everything around you crumbles? The more fortunate ones have a large network of people they know, however, a larger percentage of the world’s population are mostly on their own.

Essex, MD, December 18, 2018 --( How do you reconcile this? comes in.

Citizens9 was built to help ordinary people connect to more influential people for personal, business and social activities while providing a universal loyalty card that offers them up to 10% cash back on any purchase they make at partnering businesses.

Headquartered in Maryland USA, the founder of Citizens9 felt the need to bridge the gap of that social divide by launching a platform where a few thousand people can leverage on their individual connections to make life more meaningful for one another.

“Citizens9 is not a social network, social networks exist to help people connect and share updates. simply help people to connect deeply for the purpose of trade and social activities while rewarding them with real money every time they spend at Citizens9 partnering businesses,” says the CEO Mr. Joseph Alan.

Speaking to the press in his office in Essex Maryland, Joseph explained Citizens9 is geared towards providing top-notch services for many people who don’t have the social connections to break out of their situation. An example is Medicare in Africa. Most people in Africa stay sick simply because they cannot afford to get checked. “In a society where there is a breakdown of social security, your connections matters,” concludes Joseph.

Citizens9 offers a mobile app and a web app that allows people to take advantage of some personalized services not limited to VISA assistance, emergency services, health and fitness network, jobs and career endorsement, exclusive access to airport lounges and some other jaw-dropping services which otherwise is not available to everyone except the socially privileged.

“Our focus is to help people connect and get help when life throws them curve balls. Most people can’t afford a good lawyer when they have a legal case, hence they are stuck with whoever is available, not so with Citizens 9 members. When any member has an issue, they can use the company's legal representative at almost no cost. Our focus is to look out for one another while encouraging trade and social well being through fitness and education.”

Asked about the membership process, Mr. Joseph explained there is a fee required to join the club. “This is to deter just anyone from registering. We want to keep a quality database of members. Including the application fee and annual renewal automatically helps us streamline our user base to the quality we want to maintain,” says Joseph.
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