Founder and CEO of Solution Analysts Interviewed on TopDevelopers

Mr. Kalpesh Patel, the founder and CEO of Solution Analysts was interviewed by TopDevelopers, a leading B2B review agency. Here is an excerpt of his views.

Delmar, DE, December 13, 2018 --( Technopreneurs can bring radical changes in the way companies doing business across the world. In this technology-driven era, technopreneurs can combine both technical and business skills for improving our lifestyle at work and home. Mr. Kalpesh Patel is one such technopreneur who has a clear vision of bringing automation in the business processes to enhance the comfort and convenience of the clients.

Recently he was interviewed by TopDeveloper (, a renowned review and rating agency. In this candid interview, he shared his insights on technological advancements and business techniques.

In an answer to describing his role in the development of Solution Analysts, he replied, “As a founder and CEO, my role is both technical and managerial. I am responsible for taking all the critical and real-time decisions.” As the answer goes, Mr. Kalpesh remains busy all the time in directing the management and various technical teams. He guides his team to ensure the seamless development process. Interestingly, he himself focuses on the hiring process to hire and retain the best talents in his company.

Mr. Kalpesh considers the work culture he nurtured at Solution Analysts as his biggest achievement. In his words, “ The ‘can-do’ attitude is an integral part of our culture, which has helped us achieving near to impossible tasks.” The growth story of Solution Analysts is built on integrity and transparency.

Solution Analysts strives to meet the deadlines with an agile methodology and well-defined development process. Mr. Kalpesh believes that on-time project completion is not only necessary for winning the client’s trust but also to ensure seamless operations. The company has a seven-step development process that includes every aspect of software development from ideation to delivery and testing to assistance.

One of the key questions was about offering the pricing model. Mr. Kalpesh gave a clear outline of the hiring models of Solution Analysts and emphasized the value of business rather than the price of the project.

On asking about how mobile apps developed by Solution Analysts ( can benefit the client, Mr. Kalpesh revealed that they develop the next-gen mobile app solutions for various industry sectors. With the integration of emerging technologies like AR, IoT, and VR can make innovative and feature-rich mobile apps. It can help the client’s business to go to the next level. He gave an example of one of the most popular apps that the company has made for a leading BFSI organization.

Mr. Kalpesh considers honesty and transparency in the development process as a top priority to gain the client’s trust. With this, he emphasizes maintaining the app quality and performance for making an app successful. In-house team of developers takes care of every aspect of mobile app development while meeting the deadlines to earn the client’s satisfaction.

Finally, Mr. Kalpesh sees a huge potential in futuristic technologies like AR, VR, and IoT. Various business sectors like education, healthcare, and real estate can leverage the benefits of these technologies through tailored mobile apps. He believes that the future of mobile technology largely depends on the integration of advancements in AR, AI, and IoT technologies in the app solutions.

About Solution Analysts

Established in 2011, Solution Analysts is a leading mobile app development company in USA and India. The company has achieved many milestones in its 7 years journey thanks to client-oriented approach and result-driven agile methodology. Solution Analysts houses a team of experienced professionals who can use cutting-edge tools to come up with innovative and user-friendly software solutions.

Recently, the company has started to embrace emerging technologies like IoT, AR, VR, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for developing the next-gen mobile app solutions.
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