Just Released on Amazon: "Raising My Baby Sister" Children’s Book Written by 9-Year-Old Big Sister

In the newest title in the expanded Funky Dreamer Storytime kid’s book library, first-time author Marissa Martinez, a 9-year-old 4th grader, presents suggestions and tips for youngsters helping their parents raise a new baby

West Hollywood, CA, December 15, 2018 --(PR.com)-- "Raising My Baby Sister," just released on Amazon from the Funky Dreamer Storytime library, presents a 9-year-old girl’s perspective on caring for a new baby in the family. The new book by big sister Marrissa Martinez offers personal observations and wise advice for older siblings, accompanied by rich and colorful illustrations.

“I’m proud to add Raising My Baby Sister to the expanding Funky Dreamer Storytime kid’s book library,” said Funky Dreamer Storytime founder Greg Wachs, a children’s book author and musician with seven published titles, four with accompanying musical and narrated podcasts. “Marrissa’s family reached out to me for help turning Marrissa’s story into a published book, and it’s been a wonderful experience. I found a terrific illustrator and we created a fun, colorful and educational book that offers suggestions and tips for youngsters whose families have a new addition.”

Raising My Baby Sister features 11 short chapters that discuss important topics like feeding, diaper changing, bath time, naps, safety tips, and - of course – dancing, singing play, all from the perspective of big sister Marrissa, who loves her baby sister and wants to help her parents, Isabel and Paulino, as they bring up the newest member of the family. Marrissa attends 4th grade in Los Angeles and enjoys writing stories and poetry; she hopes to write another book soon.

The colorful illustrations are the creation of Ksenia Yanenko, who lives in Russia and is a graduate of the Institute of Architecture. From childhood, Ksenia always dreamt of illustrating children’s books, and her bright, bold watercolor and digital artwork brings Marrissa’s story to life.

Raising My Baby Sister is the 10th title in the Funky Dreamer Storytime library. Seven children’s books by founder and author Greg Wachs include Black Butterfly; Oscar’s Pasta; What Animal Am I?; What Do Giraffes Eat? (available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean and Russian); Cute Kitty In The Big Pizza City; Donut The Dragon (available in English, Spanish and Tagalog); Milkshake Mermaid; and Anabelle & The Crumbs.

In addition to working with Marrissa, Wachs has teamed up with two other first-time authors to add two more new titles to the Funky Dreamer Storytime library: Dinosaurs Don’t Bark, written and illustrated by with Amir Martel; and Bibby – A Bunny’s Journey, written and illustrated by Adam Henry.

All 10 Funky Dreamer Storytime books are available at Amazon.com and via the Funky Dreamer Storytime website. Free podcasts filled with Wachs’ original songs, music and word-for-word narration are available on iTunes and www.FunkyDreamerStorytime.com to accompany Anabelle & The Crumbs, Donut The Dragon, Milkshake Mermaid, and Oscar’s Pasta.

For more information on Funky Dreamer Storytime's kid's books and free podcasts, visit http://funkydreamerstorytime.com.

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