American Songwriter and Author Jesse Boleyn Announces New Book Release

Abernathy & Smyth Publishing House is proud to announce the release of Jesse Boleyn's new novel, "The Temple of Transparent Walls."

Seattle, WA, December 16, 2018 --( Abernathy & Smyth Publishing House is proud to announce the release of "The Temple of Transparent Walls," the new action/adventure novel by American songwriter and author, Jesse Boleyn. Author of the novel "Far Way to Even," published in 2006, writing under the pen name J.R. Boleyn, the long-time musician adds his second literary offering to his stable of over one hundred songs published to date. Boleyn says, "The transition of songwriting to writing novels became a natural extension of my love of writing. I'm just a storytelling bard on my way across this vast and marvelous landscape we call the human experience. Truth be told, it required a slight shove by peers in the music industry that appreciated my work over the years. It takes many hands to cross the river of imagination and reach the shore, and I couldn't do it alone."

One such peer is legendary Lou Reed and David Bowie guitarist, and six time Emmy award nominee, Chuck Hammer. Hammer offers this insight, "Jesse Boleyn is a truly remarkable American songwriter and author. His work is intuitive, visionary, multi-level, and beautifully fun. I have worked with him on a number of key projects across four decades. He brings insight, professional focus, and often hits the nerve of extraordinary work."

When asked to describe his motivation for writing this fictional action/adventure/thriller, Boleyn responded, "Since early childhood I have been afflicted with an incurable curiosity about the true history of our world, primarily the trans-oceanic hypothesis of Mesoamerican and Mesopotamian cultures rising in a synchronistic fashion at similar times. Many historians document this extraordinary event as being strictly arbitrary, however, I have never aligned myself with that mainstream liturgy lacking academic sobriety that we are currently presented with. The amount of evidence contrary to that position is, frankly, overwhelming. I'm always lured by a good heist. In my mind, the deeper message we can all agree upon is that something is afoot in our evolution. Either we transcend what the Mayans called 'The fifth world of the Sun', and the Egyptians 'The fifth flight of the Phoenix', and break free from the madnesses that have bound us or we are destined to commit global suicide."

The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online in both Kindle and paperback formats.
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Erin McHugh