New Website Seeks to Offer Platform for Digital Discussions of Religious Matters

God.AG creates a greater understanding of faith, God and the digital world. At the very core of the site is the belief in freedom of religion.

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, December 18, 2018 --( In an effort to promote freedom of religion online, designer, journalist, social & new formats editor and grateful Christian dad, Dean Jones has launched a unique website to help give a voice to all users of the internet.

In a Manifesto of Ethics, God.AG lays out the ground rules for using the new platform. This includes:

- Promote freedom of expression
- Promote freedom online
- Respect one another
- Freedom of religion

As an essential part of living in a free society under a democratic government, freedom of expression needs to be practiced both on and off-line, according to God.AG’s manifesto.

“In many parts of the world freedom of expression is under threat,” the website stated. “God.AG does not and will not exercise editorial oversight over the sites hosted on our service.”

Rather, they are allowing users the freedom to express their innermost thoughts and feelings about the issues of the day.

“God.AG receives requests for information about God.AG users, sites, and accounts from government agencies, law enforcement, private parties, and individuals or corporations involved in civil lawsuits,” the platform explained.

“Before revealing any non-public information about a site, an account, or a user, we require a valid subpoena, search warrant, or court order. The only exception is when we have a good faith belief that there is an emergency involving imminent danger of death or serious physical injury.”

At the very core of the site is the belief in freedom of religion.

“Violations of religious freedom are increasing globally in scale, depth and blatancy,” the manifesto states. This includes attacks by both government and non-state agents. God.AG seeks to be a safe place for sensitive discussions.

“A multi-layered, multi-actor approach is needed to protect and promote freedom of religion or belief.”

About Godinterest:
Started in 2014, Godinterest has become a leading place for faith-based communities around the world. Members are given the opportunity to express their ideas or share their work. This platform has filled a void that has been left by other faith-based platforms. At Godinterest, we believe that God has a purpose for technology, particularly to share the life-changing message of Jesus.

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Dean Jones
+44(0)7939 024086