Illinois Entrepreneurs: Help is on the Way from a New Regional In Focus Brands Partnership

Illinois based partnership between truCrowd and IAEOU aligns with In Focus Brands to deploy startup ecosystem solutions. This strategic collaboration will address missing resources common to entrepreneurs, offer next level solutions for growing startups and drive true results for the Northeastern, IL entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Springfield, IL, December 19, 2018 --( As In Focus Brands closes a very successful international merger/buyout, In Focus Brands, Americas joins the Illinois-based partnership of truCrowd and IAEOU to bring real resources and proven branded solutions to the entrepreneurial communities of Northeastern IL. A pilot project and educational events will launch in early 2019 for Northeastern Illinois focused on early stage startups and small businesses, who are seeking unique funding and business development solutions to meet their business growth goals.

The new partnership formed between truCrowd-Illinois, an equity/debt crowdfunding platform, and IAEOU, an entrepreneurial education provider, has aligned with global startup champion and ecosystem builder, In Focus Brands to offer proven revenue growth solutions for businesses across Illinois.

Lisa Canning, CEO of IAEOU shares, "Building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is about building partnerships with organizations like In Focus Brands and truCrowd who are solution oriented, and can share resources for the benefit of the entrepreneurs they serve."

The strategic alliance between the 3 companies offers complete business life-cycle resources to startups and mid-size businesses: proper launches, accelerated growth and unique funding solutions. IAEOU will provide early-stage marketing and sales growth solutions, truCrowd offers an equity crowdfunding platform and In Focus Brands will scale companies, offer robust revenue acceleration and brand system solutions and additional funding capabilities. This team approach is based on results and will create a startup ecosystem focused on sustainable execution, not just ideas and talk.

Brent Martin of In Focus Brands, "Economic development is a major driving force for every region and it begins with startups and small businesses. Many regions lack proper alignments of resources and should consider joining forces for the betterment of the ecosystems. We feel this three pronged alliance will provide unique resources to drive proper action for companies seeking growth, and uses a page from Robert Manasier's playbook, which has grown multiple regional entrepreneur/innovation collaborations throughout the nation."

Florence Hardy, CEO of truCrowd-Illinois states, "I am excited about this alliance and the benefits it can bring to many communities. Helping small businesses successfully raise through unaccredited equity crowdfunding is an easy way to stimulate the economy; as evident by how many are funded by those who live in their communities as well as by the number of jobs they each create."

For more information regarding the project, criteria for entrance to the program and the overview of resources available, please contact


In Focus Brands is the creatively practical commercialization team that has created, resurrected and/or managed over 143 diverse businesses across industries. The company integrates strategy, operational execution and funding by bringing deployable teams and resources to clients’ present needs and structuring branded systems and staffs for the sustainable and successful future. Their recent merged buyout has created 2 new entities to continue global business acceleration: In Focus Brands Americas and In Focus Brands International.

is the first funding portal for non-accredited investors and serves as the preferred equity crowdfunding source for startups, entrepreneurs and emergent businesses. truCrowd provides a platform to raise up to $4 million from unaccredited investors for early stage investment.

is a not for profit devoted to building education that helps entrepreneurs grow faster. Recognized for innovation in entrepreneurial education by both USASBE and The White House, IAEOU’s First Twenty sales and new channels to market curriculum resulted in a 98% success rate with over 400 early stage entrepreneurs.
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