Piano Lessons Online a Low Cost Win-Win for Students and Their Piano Teacher

Describes a new way for students to take piano lessons online.

San Diego, CA, March 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- It’s tough trying to maintain an active lifestyle and wanting to learn piano at the same time. Not only that, but piano lessons with good teachers are expensive and it’s often really difficult to schedule lessons.

So to fit it all in to a filled-to-the-gills schedule more and more students have turned to taking their piano lessons on the Internet.

They’ve proven that not only is it doable, but that they have the brains and musical ability to improve and learn, and they have a blast at the same time. And the online instruction is even more personal than one would expect.

In classic piano lessons, students and teachers vie for a certain number of limited time slots. With the Internet, students download workbooks and view videos anytime they want.

Edward Weiss, who has been teaching improvisational piano conventionally for more than 14 years, has now moved his piano instructions almost totally online. His growing online practice helps piano students, mostly young and mature adults, of a wide range of experience from all over the world. His web site has been growing and getting bigger and bigger. It now contains over 100 individual lessons.

Personal music lessons with a good piano instructor usually run $25 to $35 per half hour session. Online music lessons with Weiss cost $19.97 a month.

“My students move a computer or a wireless laptop right next to their piano,” he explains. “With the Internet, students just click on the piano lessons they want to take and work their way through the instructions. They practice on their own for the most part. Then when they have a question, they email me.”

“Good musical training is good musical training”, says Weiss. “It’s just that nowadays, people can get more and more of it online. It doesn’t matter where we are anymore. We just get together virtually.

“In fact, some of the training is more personal and easier to receive, because we have access to each other so readily and there’s no travel involved.

“No matter where my students are, they can reach me. We interact more frequently than if we are in a traditional conventional setting.”

“It provides a lot more flexibility for students and for me. I help more students than ever using the Internet than I could even hope to teach with conventional lessons,” says Edward Weiss. “Students can get every bit of personal one on one attention than they can get in person, and they can do it from anywhere.”

According to Weiss, and more and more will undoubtedly agree, the future of music instruction is on the Internet.

A Google video demonstration of Weiss giving a piano lesson - Lesson 20: "Reflections in Water" is available for free. Students learn how to use open position chords in the Key of C to create a quiet, reflective mood.


Edward Weiss, who is located San Diego, California is a pianist/ composer who specializes in helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years. He works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. For more information visit www.quiescencemusic.com or call 619-717-6094

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