Multi-Genre Author Chriselda Barretto Announces the Release of Her Books: "The Creep Revealed" & "Aviation Stories-1"

Author Chriselda Barretto is geared up to offer her latest works; "The Creep Revealed" and "Aviation Stories-1" as paperback and ebook formats in January 2019.

Brussels, Belgium, December 19, 2018 --( The author Chriselda Barretto has already written five books including genres like Romance, Horror, Poetry & Thriller. She is now set to release these two gems. Readers can subscribe on "" for notifications.

"The Creep Revealed" is a first of its kind book thrilling audiences, recounted in a very descriptive and visual way. A compelling tale, told in the form of narrative poetry. It is the sequel to "The Creep" released in 2018. It focuses on an evil entity terrorizing people and capturing their souls, in search of its freedom. Read some of the reviews for "The Creep" further on in this article.

The second title to be released: "Aviation Stories-1" is the author's first Non-Fiction novel following the life, trials and upheavals of a Flight attendant in the Aviation industry, who uncovers a shocking, eye-opening discovery about her illness. Having been in aviation for over two decades as an Inflight Safety Training Instructor, Chriselda simplifies the procedures and going-ons in the industry.

The bespoken books will be published in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other known digital platforms in January 2019.

Quotes from critics/readers on "The Creep":

“Applaudable vision and ambition to even attempt this, a big favourite with me.”
- DG Penny

“An ethereal feel and almost a sinister rhythm, which was really enthralling and will draw you into its darkness.”
- Gemma

“I could see it, the writing was visual.”
- Grymm

“It is a unique telling written in poems. It often feels real.”
- Laila Viking

“The author writes in an almost wistful way, capturing some of Edgar Allen Poe's essence.”
- V.E.

“It is similar to the Greek greats The Odyssey and The Iliad.”
- Palfrend

Other books by the author are "Dreams & Dew," "Coffee & Bagels," "Accursed Forest," "She Said!" and "The Creep."
Chriselda Barretto