SocksLane Strengthens After Sales Support for Overall Leg Health

SocksLane intensifies campaign towards Women’s Leg Health by providing free eBooks and updated content on their website.

Portland, OR, December 20, 2018 --( As SocksLane celebrates its 3rd year as the leading provider of anti-allergic cotton compression socks on Amazon, they announced today that they will intensify their campaign for women’s leg health by providing eBooks and more blogs on their website that focus on leg health for women of all ages.

SockLane designed these compression socks for women who prefer to wear cotton over compression socks made from synthetic material. The product is targeted explicitly towards women who have DVT, varicose veins, tired legs, pregnant women, and those who stand, run or walk 8 hours a day.

Dave Dixon, co-founder and CEO of SocksLane stated in a recent interview, "We plan to publish more blogs and eBooks this year! This is to intensify the awareness of our customers regarding their leg health. We want to provide not just the product, but also keep our customers well informed about their legs, about how they can keep their legs healthy through exercise, food intake and other methods."

Surprisingly, two of the most read blogs on their website are “6 Secrets A Nurse Can Learn from Navy SEALS to Lessen Stress in the Workplace” and “10 Fitness Hacks that Will Make You Healthy.” A customer’s feedback read, “I never thought that 4 x 4 x 4 technique is very useful. I tried, and it’s really helpful. I use it whenever I get stressed at work! Thank you for these tips Amanda and Dave! Kudos to you and your team!” Jenny Thomas, a verified Amazon Prime Member, wrote referring to one of the techniques in the first article mentioned above.

As Dave finally notes, “Do look out for upcoming updates, blogs, promos, and events. You may also want to suggest topics so that we can address them as well.”

These socks can be purchased on the manufacturer's website: or directly on
Amanda Dixon