Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade Speaks Up for Women, Girls, and the Youth During DR Congo's Election

Being the voice of women, girls, and children suffering from violence, rape, and trauma from the effects of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the mission of Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade and the Congo Diaspora USA.

Washington, DC, January 01, 2019 --( Throughout the reign of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s President, Joseph Kabila, the episodes leading up to current elections, and listening to the platforms and campaign speeches of the candidates, there has not been an advocate presenting a plan to address the plight of women, girls and youth in Congo, says Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade, an advocate for human rights. She has a question for Congresswoman Karen Bass from the Congolese Diaspora USA, "As the next Chairperson of the Africa Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representative, it is well documented that gender injustice continues to plague the entire country of the Congo with rapes of women and children, genital mutilation, and other atrocities at uncivilized levels, will the Committee hold Congressional hearings on the atrocities in Congo?"

As Congolese Community's representative, Mrs. Wade recommends Ambassador Nagy and the staff at the State Department's Africa Bureau listen to the cries of the Congolese Diaspora and suggest that they review reports by non-profit organizations and the United Nation on the Congo that even cite beliefs by men who believe that "women want to be raped or enjoy being raped." Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade, Founder of the Congo Diaspora USA believes these men suffer from mental illness, they are by-product of civil unrest, civil war, uncivilized mental repositioning promoting savagery. She is of the position that, "these perpetrators need to be evaluated, treated, placed on medication and atone for their crimes; after which, they should be held accountable for their crimes and serve the necessary jail time."

Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade is an entrepreneur with a history of doing business in Congo and the region. She believes the victims of these crimes, numbering in the hundreds of thousands while impacting millions of citizens leaves us with a serious question, "how to heal our society"? When a women, girl or child is raped, the victim is not the only person suffering, the village and society by extension suffer as a result.

"We must firmly hold violators to account, treat our victims and provide them with the resources needed to turn victims into victors. Our women and girls of today will be future presidents, governors, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers of tomorrow," says Mrs. Wade. She says, they will have relationships and families so if we don’t heal them now, they will create a Congo that is not suitable for growth and stability.

Manchester Group & Associates has a long history working to assist the Congolese Diaspora and they recognize that the Congo Diaspora is suffering as the Congolese on the Continent. This is a community diaspora effort and the actions of Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade to address this tragedy have culminated under her organization, the Congo Diaspora USA with support from MG&A Global.

As a leader among the American Congolese Diaspora, Mrs. Odil Nyombo Wade represents the voice of the Congolese Community who are unable to speak for themselves, therefore, she speaks for the victims. Mrs. Wade is a businesswoman with a humanitarian heart and a firm vision for Congo’s evolution.

She understands that the role of women is significant to Congo’s development and as such, she is a supporter of the transition of Kabila out of power, so an interim government can prepare the country for fair and transparent election within 18-24 months.

"In recent years, the international community has increasingly recognized international violence against women as a significant human rights and global health issue. The community encourages Chairwoman Bass and the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus to strengthen their legislative efforts with targeted sanctions against perpetrators ravaging and raping women, girls, and children in the Congo," says Mrs. Wade.

She has accepted the call of the Congo Diaspora to lead the charge and make certain that violence which can include both random acts of violence, as well as sustained abuse over time, physical, psychological, or sexual in nature is a central issue as we move Congo forward. "A transition of government is necessary to rebuild a stable and democratic Congo," says Mrs. Wade.

Support Ms. Odil Nyombo Wade as she raises up a new cadre of leaders to benefit Congo, Africa, and the world. Register today at; and support the Congo Diaspora USA.
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Vincent Mason