Phoenix Quwais is Working on Stultus Nothi

Los Angeles, CA, January 07, 2019 --( Auteur filmmaker Phoenix Quwais is proud to announce production has begun on his fifth independent feature film, Stultus Nothi; an experimental documentary/drama of the feature-length variety. It is written, directed and produced by Phoenix Quwais himself. It is a follow up to his wildly experimental independent features and establishes his unique pedigree among emerging filmmakers.

A spotlight on what Phoenix Quwais perceives as the growing Hispanic problem in the United States of America, the film is a strange spectacle to un-artistic eyes; an audio-visual collage of news clips co-mingled with title cards and footage of the star himself. A sequel to 2017’s Subversive, the film highlights what the filmmaker perceives as the growing threat of Hispanics to the American way of life and American culture as a whole.

"Stultus Nothi is an experiment just like Subversive was. Filmmaking is expression. A lot of people won’t like the subject matter, but it is the unadulterated truth!," said Phoenix Quwais.

Screenings for the experimental documentary/feature film will be held at Caldas Film Festival, Australia/Singapore Film Festival, and the Global Independent Film Awards.

About The Filmmaker

Phoenix Quwais is an acclaimed auteur filmmaker and in this field his creativity is unparalleled and the focus of many, many, many copycats. There’s no need to go into his bio because he simply needs no introduction. A screenwriter, an actor, and a film director with the freshest voice in the business, Phoenix Quwais is fast gaining notoriety in filmmaking circles for his outspoken voice and unfaltering individualism.
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