The Downtowner Launches New Rewards and Ordering App

The Downtowner Mobile app facilitates online ordering and generates rewards for restaurant customers.

Stockton, CA, January 07, 2019 --( The Downtowner is launching a new mobile app that will enable customers to place orders digitally, and reward them for every dollar spent at the Downtowner.

The app, which runs on all smartphones and mobile devices, and is available for mac and android operating systems, will make the ordering and payment process simple and efficient for customers.

Downtown Stockton is home to a variety of businesses, city and county offices, schools, and other companies. Often employees have only half an hour for lunch, which can make placing an order for and consuming a meal in that space of time challenging.

The Downtowner app enables time-strapped customers to order their food ahead, pay online, and simply walk into the restaurant and grab their order.

Additionally, this app rewards customers with a point for every dollar they spend at the Downtowner, and those points accumulate for special rewards and discounts.

The Downtowner saw a need for a quick and efficient ordering and payment platform, to enable more of our customers to enjoy our “good mood food” without worrying about time constraints. It is also a meaningful way to reward customers for their continued patronage.

The Downtowner App launches January 15th, just ahead of Stockton Restaurant Week, and is already available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app is completely free to download, and simple to use. Customers can pre-load their app by securely linking a credit or debit card, and will receive one reward point for each dollar spent at the Downtowner.
The Downtowner
Amy Smith