Cisdem AppCrypt 4.0.1 Released, Allowing Better Online Safety During Holiday Season

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac 4.0.1 has been released. The update has fixed a few issues and improved the application’s performance to block websites and apps on Mac.

Chicago, IL, January 06, 2019 --( Cisdem has released AppCrypt version 4.0.1 with a maintenance update. Cisdem AppCrypt can block websites and lock apps on Mac, which helps users protect privacy and improve productivity. Parents can use it to protect children from harmful websites and keep them safe online in daily life and the holiday season.

“Online safety, especially for children and teens, are always important. When they are online, they are at risk from harmful, dangerous or inappropriate websites and content. During the festive season, kids have a lot of free time and tend to spend more time online. Despite the holiday movies and other great things they can enjoy online, this can mean more potential dangers too. Nowadays children are more likely to receive smart devices and computers as Christmas gifts. There will be more children handling digital devices,” said Edward Riley, Cisdem’s project manager.

“Whilst kids have lots of free time, parents are busy shopping, preparing holiday gifts, etc. As a result, parents may spend less time supervising kids to keep them from accessing harmful online content,” he continued. “At the same time, it’s certainly not sensible to ban children from using the Internet altogether. The good news is parents can control the websites their children look at with the help of certain software applications like Cisdem AppCrypt.”

Release Note of Version 4.0.1
1. Fix the problem of escalating RAM.
2. Fix the malfunction of Close or Quit after free trial

How AppCrypt helps keep kids safe online this holiday season
Do your kids spend a lot of time on Mac during holiday breaks? Did you buy your kid a new Mac for Christmas? Use Cisdem AppCrypt to keep your kids safe online.

1. Block harmful or inappropriate websites
There are a number of categories of websites that can be dangerous or inappropriate for children and even grown-ups, such as gambling sites, chat sites, etc. To prevent children from accessing such sites, parents can add them to the blacklist in AppCrypt and set a password. The blocked sites won’t open unless parents enter the password. The website blocking function works regardless of the Internet browser used such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

2. Whitelist websites to make the Internet even safer
AppCrypt also allows users to create a website access whitelist. If you only want your kids to use educational sites and other kid-friendly sites on Mac, you can add these sites to the whitelist in AppCrypt. If so, sites that are not included in the whitelist won’t open when kids try to visit them.

3. Lock apps to make Mac more kid-friendly
To give children a safe and happy experience on Mac, in addition to blocking websites, parents can also control what apps children can access. For example, parents can use AppCrypt to password lock certain game apps that are not suitable for children. AppCrypt also comes with a schedule feature, allowing Mac to automatically lock apps during certain times such as the homework time.

4. Pictures will be taken if wrong password is entered
Cisdem AppCrypt is an effective and reliable website blocker and Mac app locker that parents can trust. If kids try to open a blocked site or app by entering a password (which is incorrect), AppCrypt will take a picture with the built-in camera and record the time and other details. Also, it’s impossible to force quit or uninstall this application without knowing the correct password.

In addition to keeping children safe online, AppCrypt is useful for other purposes such as protecting seniors from online scams, blocking distractions at work, limit screen time, etc.

Availability and Price
Cisdem AppCrypt 4.0.1 is available for download and purchase on Cisdem’s official website. You can get a lifetime license with $29.99 with lifetime free upgrades. Free trial is provided and available for download from To get more information, please visit

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