CDN Solutions Group Celebrates Annual Event “SAMAAGAM” 2018

Award-winning IT company CDN Solutions Group rejoices at their annual event, bringing employees and clients together in an evening of fun and merriment.

Phoenix, AZ, January 06, 2019 --( One of the leading software development companies with a strong team culture, CDN Solutions Group solicited its employees and clients under a single roof. The event was their annual celebration- SAMAAGAM. Held at the reputed Sayaji hotels in the city, the celebration was marked by cheerful vigor and fun.

Samaagam means “A Confluence of Brilliance, Intellect & Youthfulness.” The name reflects what took place that evening. CDN Solutions Group rightly boasts of a brilliant team of software developers, who have helped the company’s journey throughout their 18+ years of success. CDN Solutions Group houses intellectuals and the top talent in the IT industry. Youthfulness refers to the young team of developers and designers who are always ready to take on challenges and solve complex business issues.

At Samaagam, the confluence of art and music, employees tasted different waters as they partook in activities such as dancing, duet and solo singing, drama, games, and medley. Proficient employees of the CDN Solutions Group came out in completely different attires to celebrate the occasion of Samaagam with the highest fervour.

A team that plays together, stays together.
The bond and tuning that the workforce of CDN Solutions shares with their clients was evident in the way they solicited and welcomed them before beginning the show night. Offshore software development clients of CDN Solutions made it to the event from Australia and the USA. The clients seemed thrilled to be part of a colorful and bright evening here in India.

According to the Indian tradition, the event began with Saraswati Pooja- as all bowed their heads in faith and hoped for an enlightening journey ahead.

Mr. Surajit Mitra, CEO, CDN Solutions Group addressed the attendees with a short speech, expressing delight at the occasion, thanking clients who graced the event, and employees who made it possible. “I thank everyone for coming. I cherish each and everyone in CDN. Our clients are more like family and absolute family now. This transition is not only because of me but everyone at CDN, working so hard day and night to get to where we are today. I foresee a lot of years working together and would love to have all of you working with us for a long time,” said Mr. Mitra.

In another glimpse of the Indian tradition, employees performed an invigorating dance on the Ganesh Vandana and remembered the holy deity before beginning the auspicious celebration. Participants then took it upon themselves to entertain their offshore guests and colleagues.

CDN Solutions Group’s clients were ecstatic to be here in India and expressed joy for making it to the celebration. “We congratulate CDN on its annual event. It was a pleasure to come here. We never thought that it's going to be this big. It's an amazing night and amazing people. It's lovely to feel welcomed by you all. We do feel like a family which is pretty unusual. We really enjoyed working with everyone at CDN and look forward to a long long history."

With a series of dances, skits, and other performances, artists kept their audience chair-tied. At the end of all, any celebration still would have remained incomplete without a DJ and some rocking music. Clients, executives, and the entire team set the stage on fire to wrap up the fiery evening. The event ended with a delicious dinner buffet which the team enjoyed together.

CDN Solutions Group celebrates the event each year with the same level of excitement. CDNites gather and acknowledge their success and growth with music, dance, festivities, food, and drinks. Events like Samaagam allow companies to introduce fun in their culture, help bridge gap between the top executives and fresher employees, and makes the overall environment light and friendly. Such events present a chance for everyone to lighten up, loosen the stress strings, and relax. SAMAAGAM is CDN Solutions Group’s way of inducing fun and frolic into the organization.

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