New Book Release from Fireship Press—"Death Beneath the Waves"

It’s early 1942 and America is unprepared for the war it has declared on Japan and Germany. The enemy, however, is not…

Tucson, AZ, March 14, 2019 --( Soon after President Roosevelt’s declaration of war the German Navy dispatches U-boats to the U.S. east coast, Operation Drumbeat was known by the U-boat crews as the "second happy time." The hunting was good.

Despite the odds, America’s war machine and merchant mariners continue to deliver the goods. Through U-boat infested waters, the crew of the tramp steamer Arrow sail on, now with a detachment of Naval Armed Guards onboard, they have to learn how to survive in a hostile world. Picking up survivors, they feel lucky until one day they are the target of the torpedoes and find themselves engaged in a fight for their lives.

“Death Beneath the Waves is a thrilling and enthralling adventure that fans of war fiction are sure to enjoy reading.” —Readers’ Favorite (5-stars)

About the Author
Anthony Palmiotti has made a career as a licensed merchant marine officer and maritime educator. A professor of navigation and vessel operations, he goes to sea each year as an instructor and watch officer. Through travels around the world he has developed a keen interest in history, particularly maritime history.

This is Palmiotti’s second fiction book, a sequel to “First Voyage,” published in 2017 by Fireship Press. He has also published “Navigator’s Notebook” and has been published by a variety of maritime trade magazines most recently in the June/July 2016 issue of “Professional Mariner” magazine.

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