Alice Palmeri, LMT Adds New Northwest Portland Location for Massage

Alice Palmeri, LMT is now available for massage in northwest Portland, Oregon.

Portland, OR, January 09, 2019 --( Alice Palmeri, LMT added a new Northwest Portland Location on November 1st on NW 23rd Street. She typically works in Southeast Portland, but stated, "I absolutely love the Float Shoppe and wanted to offer my services to folks who needed a good massage on their linch break in downtown NW Portland."

Downtown Portland has tons of wellness offices but what sets Palmeri apart is that she offers therapeutic massage and pain therapy. A long time believer in wholistic therapy, she focuses on migraine headaches, motor vehicle related whiplash, pediatric massage, and postpartum recovery massage.

Palmeri speaks regularly throughout Portland on pain relief and the benefits of massage therapy. "Most people treat massage as a luxury, but therapeutic bodywork is necessary to maintaining a healthy body and mind. It should be part of everyone's self-care routine."

Palmeri says she plans to offer more talks in NW Portland in the coming months. She enjoys offering talks to various support groups, organizations that help new mothers, and those that help migraine sufferers.
Alice Palmeri, LMT
Alice Palmeri