Online Training Takes Hold for Leak Detection Professionals During Winter Season Downtime

Pool Pros are enhancing their service capabilities with online training from LeakTronics during the winter season down time.

Canoga Park, CA, January 10, 2019 --( LeakTronics, the leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution offers Online leak Detection Training courses for pool and plumbing professionals. By adding the ability to detect leaks to their service arsenal, pros are reducing outside costs to sub-contract work to other companies and reducing the time it takes to solve their customers needs with the added benefit of LeakTronics personal customer service to keep them working.

Leak Detection using LeakTronics professional listening equipment starts by hearing where the leak is coming from. The pressure caused by the weight of the water pushing down on a leak creates an audible sound that is heard using the highly sensitive underwater hydrophones created by LeakTronics. By listening inside the pool shell, starting with the LeakTronics PoolScope, technicians can isolate the location of a leak and prepare a cost estimate for their client’s repair job. The accuracy of the LeakTronics leak detection equipment reduces time and cost to get to the source of the leak and keeps the technicians work in house - ultimately keeping payment for the job in their own pocket.

LeakTronics Online Training and Leak Detection Certification gives an extensive video walkthrough, more than 5 hours of content, with detailed paperwork that explains the entire process of performing a leak detection and includes case studies from actual jobs performed with paperwork for submitting findings to clients, best recommendations for customer psychology and how to accurately discover the smallest of leaks even in the hardest to find situations. This includes finding leaks under concrete, soil and inside plumbing that runs behind pool walls and throughout water features and other pool equipment.

The complete Online Training course includes the full gambit of necessary equipment to perform proper pool inspections. This comes in the form of the LeakTronics Pro-Complete Leak Detection Kit. Each piece of equipment is fully explained and it’s use is shown in detail throughout the training program. The entire online course can be completed in as little as a weekend, but the user has lifetime access to the training modules and customer support to help them through any questions they might have while learning how to perform leak detections, or when they get out on their first jobs. With a simple phone call, a member of the LeakTronics office staff can help them to completely understand how the equipment works, and how to get the best results using it.

For Independent Contractors, or businesses that operate multiple trucks and utility vehicles, the Online Leak Detection program from LeakTronics is prepping their business to own the leak detection marketplace in their surrounding territory and to be the go-to professionals for finding leaks in pools, plumbing and all situations where leaks occur.

For detailed information on the online Training courses provided by LeakTronics, visit the website at or call 818-436-2953 to ask questions. Enrollment can be processed through the website and training can start immediately upon enrollment in the program.
Joe Dolan