Pastor Takes on Challenge of Saving Stranger in New Novel by Rev. Mark Miller

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a book that stars a small-town pastor and a man who challenges him to bring him to Jesus. The new novel was written by a real-life pastor.

Clarkton, NC, January 10, 2019 --( Pastoring a small, rural Baptist church suits Josh Mason just fine because he likes to serve his church and community, enjoy fellowship with family and study scripture. When he answers the office phone one morning with a plea for salvation, he doesn’t realize that everything is about to change. His story is described in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

That phone call is from someone named Dave Johnson, a man who lives on the streets. He tells Josh that he wants to know how to be saved by Jesus. Although at first suspicious, Josh soon warms to the idea of sharing the gospel with Dave and they agree to meet in town so they can talk in person. The conversation doesn’t go quite as expected, and Josh faces an uphill battle to bring Dave to salvation. That’s not surprising because Dave is not what he seems.

In “The Pure in Heart,” Dave and Josh square off in a test of spiritual warfare, each unwilling to completely trust the other for reasons all their own. Their talk encompasses topics such as biblical authority, sincere discipleship and Christian theology. After their encounter it is Josh who finds his faith invigorated and his heart made pure, lifted up by God’s grace.

Author Mark Miller has been an ordained minister since 1993, serving as pastor of Baptist churches in Indiana, South Carolina and North Carolina. The Kentucky native graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in economics and from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in divinity.
He began writing short stories while at the seminary, and his love of the written word has led to winning the South Carolina Fiction Project and his stories published in The Storyteller and NEWN magazines. Miller enjoys sharing comedic bits, and he and his wife, Patti, have a son.

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The Pure in Heart
Mark Miller
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6585-4 186 pages $15.00 US

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