Inverness Press Presents The Soul Snatchers by Northwest Author Richard Sanford

In this science fiction thriller, a seismologist plunges into a breakneck race to stop malignant code running amok on the world’s hugest social networking sites, seducing the hyperconnected into madness.

Deerfield, MA, January 11, 2019 --( Today Inverness Press announced the release of The Soul Snatchers, a nerve-tingling double-take on digital addiction with a neo-'6os vibe.

The time is the near future, a dozen years out. Tzaro Janssen, a seismologist in a next-gen lab in the San Juan Islands, witnesses his girlfriend Therica becoming … not herself. Stories like hers are lighting up media around the globe—psychotic breaks, social isolation, explosive violence. And no known cause.

A chilling discovery on Therica’s phablet fractures the world Tzaro knows and propels him into a strange, altered one. At the center is Therica’s obsession, the mega networking platform Wundrus.

With the fates of Therica, his son Derek and billions of the socially interconnected in the balance, Tzaro and the rag-tag team who join him plunge into a race against madness.

Author Richard Sanford says, "We’re discovering there’s a difference between being happily addicted and being happy. Befriended by thousands, we can still feel totally alone. We know that 'social media' can have an antisocial underbelly. As Tzaro finds out, we may be a few swipes away from a very scary scenario."

Although the emphasis is on entertainment, the novel has a hot-as-headlines point to make about isolation in a hyperconnected world. The Cascadia settings—the San Juan Islands to northern California—make the book especially exciting for readers in the Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz locales.

What readers say:

"I thought that The Soul Snatchers by Richard Sanford was a fascinating and fast-paced read. There was no good reason to put the book down... The world building was well written and I loved the fast pace. I am usually pretty good at solving mysteries, but was blown away by this one." -Renee Guill, Readers' Favorite Five-Star Review

"The Soul Snatchers is an energetic and entertaining romp through Cascadia … a fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable science fiction thriller with Sixties throwback touches. Enjoy!" -Stephen Billias, author of The American Book of the Dead and Quest for the 36

Inverness Press is proud to announce the publication of The Soul Snatchers in paperback and all popular eBook formats.

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