McCall City Council Unanimously Votes to Take Pause on Midas Gold Initiated Agreement

McCall, ID, January 12, 2019 --( On January 7, 2019, McCall City Council held a special session to consider signing the Midas Gold Community Agreement regarding the proposed Stibnite mining project. Following the educational lecture series and hearing testimony from more than sixty attendees and considering more than one hundred email submittals, letters and public comments, McCall’s leaders decided to take pause.

The Community Agreement was presented by Midas Gold as a formal commitment to information sharing prior to and during the proposed mining project while giving City of McCall a seat on their foundation board that would provide financial assistance to community applicants based on the mine’s success.

As Councilor Nielsen pointed out, there is “pretty broad opposition in our city and it’s the point in time we need to listen to what our people have to say.” After deliberation between Council members, it became apparent the main concerns were the want for more information from the upcoming Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) draft and binding the city to the foundation as a part of the Community Agreement.

After a motion by Councilor Holmes to reconvene after the release of the (EIS) and then draft an independent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between McCall and Midas Gold, it was seconded and passed with a unanimous vote.

Although McCall leaders chose not to enter into the Midas drafted contract, they were all in agreement that good communication is the key to success for both parties. As Mayor Aymon said to the crowd, “your hearts and souls are invested in this community and so are ours.” Keeping the best interest of McCall’s citizens at the forefront remains the goal.

The Stibnite draft EIS is estimated to be released in late Summer of 2019, following, Council expects to review that document with staff and then develop language for an MOU that reflects the specific needs of McCall and the impacts of the proposed mine to the public and its infrastructure.
City of McCall
Erin Greaves