Management Consultant Turned Author, Jo Kusi Releases New Children's Book

Jo Kusi, inspired by the birth of his son set out to create a series of compelling children's stories and found immediate success.

London, United Kingdom, January 14, 2019 --( After many years as a management consultant in corporate Britain, Jo Kusi was inspired by the birth of his son to start writing children's stories that help grow reading skills.

After months of working on his manuscript, he pitched a book with the title, "Jordan and the Dancing Hippo" to Nyansa, an educational game company. Nyansa, drawn by the uniqueness of the story, published the book, making it available online and at most stores globally.

Jordan and the dancing hippo is an illustrated children's picture book about daring to dream big, and learning to be patient. The story starts on the night before Jordan’s birthday. He cannot wait to see his birthday presents. He enters a magical world of daydreams where anything he imagines, he becomes. Together with his friends, he has the most fun playing with toys and building the most sophisticated things. He learns an important lesson when he wakes up and his birthday doesn’t quite turn out the way he expected. The story told in rhyme is fun to read aloud, and improves reading skills.

Award winning author of the "Captain No Beard" series, Carole P. Roman in her review of Jo Kusi's new book praised it as “whimsical and sweet. This is a cute story about learning that good things come to those who wait.”

Jo Kusi has been creating stories from the very tender age of eleven. Being born in West Africa, in a home where storytelling was customary, had a lasting impression on Jo who now draws inspiration from the many stories he was told as a child. Jo uses a unique writing style that makes it easy for children to learn to read while stirring up their imagination.

Jordan and the dancing hippo is written in rhyme and includes reading tips to parents, teachers and carers on how they can enhance the reading experience for children.
Jo Kusi