Pulse Therapeutics and ICHOR Vascular Merge to Form Euphrates Vascular

Company aimed at becoming a leader in the treatment of vascular occlusions.

St. Louis, MO, January 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Euphrates Vascular (www.euphratesvascular.com) is a medical device company created via the merger between Pulse Therapeutics and ICHOR Vascular. Bringing together technological synergies and experienced team members, the Euphrates Vascular (EV) vision is to become the leader in the treatment of vascular occlusions with an initial focus in limb ischemia and neurovascular applications; both multi-billion dollar markets respectively. As part of the company creation, Bob Mitchell will serve as chairman of the board of directors and Jeff Blair (former chairman of ICHOR) will serve as a member of the board of directors. The Euphrates Vascular technologies represent a platform that has potential to serve beyond the peripheral vascular and neurovascular markets.

“The merger between Pulse Therapeutics and ICHOR Vascular became obvious once we understood the broad technology synergies and new business opportunities. The technologies were conceptualized for minimally-invasive techniques that may eliminate or reduce complications from surgery and drugs, can provide physicians new tools to treat occlusions in novel ways and seeks to address the health economic problem that is trending aggressively in the wrong direction,” said Sean Morris, CEO of Euphrates Vascular.

The Pulse NanoMED system is a first of its kind, nano-scale medical device system that opens up a new world in minimally invasive therapies to interventionalists that are no longer limited by the constraints of material sciences. It is composed of nano-scale iron MicroBeads influenced by small external magnetic fields designed to diagnose and treat vascular occlusions. The Pulse NanoMED system has the potential to treat hard-to-reach vasculature and to access extremely small or hibernating vascular channels where guidewires or even contrast media, have difficulty transgressing.

“This novel platform nano-medical device technology has the potential to diagnose and/or treat a wide array of vascular occlusions in a way that can transform how we treat patients presenting with advanced stage limb ischemia as well as with applications in stroke, STEMI and beyond. I am excited to see how the Euphrates team continues with their efforts towards an approved indication,” said Craig Walker, MD, Interventional Cardiologist and founder of Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS).

ICHOR is a recently 510(k) cleared Percutaneous Reperfusion System designed to treat organized thrombus and embolic events in the peripheral vasculature. ICHOR is a “one size fits all” system that replicates the parameters of surgical embolectomy, but with reduced surgical complications, no general anesthesia, no blood loss associated with aspiration, and potentiates a reduction of common bleeding complications associated with lytic therapy. The technology is easily adoptable by interventionalists and incorporates a health economic element that will make ICHOR a first line therapy for physicians, hospitals and office-based labs.

“The ICHOR system is ideal for organized thrombus, acute limb ischemia, and embolic events current devices often struggle to treat. Synergies between ICHOR and NanoMED will change our approach to vascular occlusions as it opens up new techniques that are no longer bound by the material size of devices,” notes Tim Blair, chief marketing officer at Euphrates Vascular.

“Our technologies and team have true market-changing potential. It’s an impressive platform portfolio that can change the game for years to come in many therapeutic areas. I am honored to be a part of this revolutionary concept,” said Bob Mitchell, Euphrates Vascular chairman of the board.

About Euphrates Vascular:
Euphrates Vascular (www.euphratesvascular.com) is a medical device company comprised of Pulse Therapeutics and ICHOR Vascular Inc. The Euphrates Vascular vision is to become a leader in the treatment of vascular occlusions with an initial focus in the $3.5B Limb Ischemia market. The technologies will platform beyond peripheral vascular occlusions into Ischemic Stroke, Coronary, Wound Care, Dialysis, Interventional Oncology, and Orthopedic applications.

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