Compression Elbow Sleeves by SocksLane Runs Out of Stock After a Month from Release

A month from release, the compression elbow sleeves that SocksLane has released has actually sold out.

Portland, OR, January 17, 2019 --( Amanda and Dave Dixon's SocksLane company is well-known for their signature quality compression socks, but it would seem that their compression elbow sleeves have gained a similar level of popularity as their bestselling compression footwear. A month from release, the compression elbow sleeves that SocksLane has released has actually sold out.

As the name suggests, the company is recognized for offering durable, comfortable, and well-designed compression socks. These 65% combed cotton, 35% Lycra socks are reinforced with other hypoallergenic fibers, making them effective at fitting snugly while stretching to accommodate different leg shapes.

The medical grade compression, graded at 15/20mmHg, is distributed well across the leg, allowing for the benefits of compression to be felt through the leg while avoiding the "tourniquet effect" of cutting off circulation. From 2015, the company primarily marketed these toward women, who are known to be affected by blood circulation problems -- especially pregnant women and those who work jobs that require long periods of standing or sitting, like nurses or tellers.

In November 2018, SocksLane launched a line of unisex products, expanding from their original scope and offering their products to the male half of the population as well as the female. Alongside this expanded focus, SocksLane introduced elbow sleeves and knee sleeves. At the time it was announced, there was some concern over competition in the market, although it was also seen as a wise move to capitalize on existing demand.

In a statement, co-founder and CEO Dave Dixon noted that the company was "aware of the competition" but "confident that (the product) will stand out" due to a number of factors like the material's quality and breathable compression. Seeing as how the compression elbow sleeve sold out a month after release, it would seem that confidence was in the right place.

SocksLane products are available at the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon