SocksLane Customers Awarded Promotional Discounts to Start 2019

Compression socks company SocksLane is kicked off the new year with discounts for new and loyal customers.

Portland, OR, January 17, 2019 --( The company with the superior cotton support stocking is putting up a big discount to start the year. This is sure to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of compression socks, and to get more in one go, which is quite the way to start 2019.

Founded by Amanda and Dave Dixon, the SocksLane company offers a wide range of compression socks, all designed with the primary benefits of compression in mind for people who might be in need of better circulation and comfort in the lower extremities.

Compression garments fit very snugly, encouraging proper blood flow in the limbs -- especially important for the legs, where circulation slowdown can become an issue over time. Problems with circulation can lead to issues like deep vein thrombosis, shin splints, inflammation in the legs, and varicose veins. This can happen without you realizing -- blood circulation in the legs deals with slowdown and even blood pooling when you're standing or sitting immobile for a long period, which is what creates that difficulty in ensuring proper blood flow.

SocksLane compression socks combat this with medical-grade compression (graduated at 15/20mmHg), which is designed to encourage proper oxygenation of the blood which happens with good blood flow. The graduated support is also designed to distribute compression effectively across the whole leg, managing to allocate pressure to the needed spots without simply ending up choking off parts of the leg. The reinforcement of the heel, toe, and sole areas creates a durable but comfortable compression sock that stays up and snugly suited to the calf.

This big 2019 discount is earmarked to make the company's signature compression socks an even better value for everyone who might need them -- nurses, travelers going on long flights or drives, athletes, and men and women alike. The socks can be purchased on, or via Amazon at
Amanda Dixon