Matt Nable Latest to Join Talented Line Up on Aussie Documentary Exposing the Highs and Lows of Creatives Struggling in the Film Industry

Created and Directed by Shaun Anthony Robinson and Produced by Lucinda Bruce (Lady of the Light Productions), “That's Not a Knife” is for anyone with a dream; the underdog story of an actor, who fights back against the odds by overcoming his own fears and creating his own path to Hollywood, documenting his journey along the way. He meets other actors who share their own fears and insecurities with him, helping help him to understand his own journey better and inspire others to do the same.

Melbourne, Australia, January 18, 2019 --( The team at "That's Not A Knife: It's An Aussie Actor's Journey to Hollywood" sat down with Matt Nable to talk about the highs and lows of his career, his transition from football to acting, mental health and his own demons and the challenges he faced to get where he is today.

During the interview, Nable discussed how he got some of his biggest roles, "The Director said to me, do you know why you got the job... You got the job because Vin had seen the tape and said 'that's a man with pain in his face, that's what I want'."

The former Rugby League Footballer turned actor, lives in Sydney and is currently in development on his latest project, "A Sunday in the Village." His journey, and several others are highlighted in the documentary that has traveled to Los Angeles and all around Australia to interview some of our most well known talent, to some of the lesser known creatives making their own way in the industry.

Matt goes on to say "For every person over there who's made it really big, there's lot of people there that are struggling, that are chasing this, their ambition, their dream, and not to say that it won't happen 'cos I'm living proof that when someone says he looks that way we want them, so they're right to stay at it and they're very, very talented people."

"Real. Raw. Relentless."

The documentary created by Shaun Robinson and being produced by Lucinda Bruce of Lady of the Light Productions, is called "That's Not A Knife! It's an Aussie Actors Journey to Hollywood." The reason behind the documentary is Shaun Robinson's inspiration, Actor Paul Hogan. Hogan is one of Australia's biggest exports, and became a household name with his irresistible comic performance in Crocodile Dundee in 1986 and helped pave the way for many Aussie actors who followed in his footsteps. Aussie actors such as Shaun, who, very much like Hogan, made his Hollywood debut at a later stage in life. Shaun was 35 when he started acting and after a few years of working hard at his craft, he came up with the idea to make this documentary film; he thought if Paul Hogan can do it, so can he.

To date, the documentary has sat down with Aaron Jeffries (McLeod's Daughters, Chopper, The Operator); Shane Connor (Neighbours Fire); Christian Isaiah (Shameless (US)); Matt Burch and Froylan Tercero (Operation Repo); Kym Jackson (Ten days in the Valley); Craig Bennett (Studio 10 Hollywood Reporter and Gossip Guru); and last but not least, Orpheus pledger (Home and Away) with more to come.
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