Rugs and Beyond Launches New Line of Area Rugs This New Year 2019

One of the best Ecommerce companies for one of a kind handmade rugs and carpets launches an all new collection of eco-friendly and sustainable rugs this New Year 2019.

New Delhi, India, January 20, 2019 --( With the onset of New Year 2019, we all are given a blank page of 365 days and start afresh. However, what if we also give a brand new look to our interior spaces as well? Refurbishing a home means giving a new lease of life to a dull and boring space. One can make small changes or even completely transform an area and make it look like brand new. As we all know that a rug is an integral part of home décor, it is crucial to invest in a good quality handmade rug. One such Ecommerce company that is known for high quality handmade area rugs in wool and silk in a variety of modern and traditional designs is Rugs and beyond. This company is one of the finest purveyors of fine handmade area rugs and was co-founded by Ms. Sakshi Talwar in 2014.

With a wide variety of area rugs in different designs, Rugs and Beyond has launched an all new collection of fine modern rugs made out of sustainable material. For example, one such material that is eco-friendly and is becoming widely popular is Natural Jute and Sisal Rugs. Such rugs can be used in outdoor areas and are environmentally friendly. Rugs and Beyond takes pride in producing rugs made in eco-friendly materials.

On the other hand, Rugs and Beyond has also launched rugs made from Re-cycled Sari. These rugs are bright, vibrant and color and accentuate the entire space once placed. Speaking to Ms. Talwar, she explained, “Rugs and Beyond strives to produce the highest form of craftsmanship and is always conscious of the environment.” There are many companies around the world selling rugs, but selling high quality rugs at best prices and providing stellar customer service.

They say that a floor without a rug is like a wall without a painting. A handmade carpet is the foundation of a room and it is mandatory to invest in a good quality rug that can be passed on to generations altogether.
Rugs and Beyond
Alicia Brown