Pithy New Book Guides Millennials on Living a Starbucks Lifestyle on a Dunkin’ Donuts Budget

River Edge, NJ, January 23, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Millennials (broadly defined here as those in their 20s and 30s) want to enjoy the best things in life as much as everyone else. Yet, their earning potential is typically less than those of older generations. Frequently saddled with high student loan debt, Millennials need to find ways to live large on a small budget. Living a Starbucks Lifestyle on a Dunkin Donuts Budget shows them how to enjoy the finer things in life for less.

Author Luis Gonzalez explains that It all starts with coffee. Gonzalez shows you how to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe and still save more than $600 a year. But coffee is just the beginning. Living a Starbucks Lifestyle on a Dunkin’ Donuts Budget provides valuable advice and quick tips on everything from luxury apartments to hotels and cruises, cars, clothing, restaurants, spas, and more. Written specifically for Millennials, the publication’s focus is on living your best life, but doing so for much less.

On hotels, for example, the author advises readers, “A great way to score a luxury room for less is to stay in the financial district of a city. These rooms are typically high-end accomodations catering to business travelers and often go for less during weekends.” This nifty guide will show you how to experience luxury at a bargain.

Gonzalez is personal finance teacher and author of a variety of works; including, Wisdom of the Marx Brothers: Life Lessons from Groucho, Chico. and Harpo.

Living a Starbucks Lifestyle on a Dunkin’ Donuts Budget :A Millennial's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Life Without Breaking the Bank is available through Amazon.com
Luis Gonzalez