Janis I. Soucie Shares Her Story of Being a Teenager When Her Mother Passed from Cancer

Author loses mother to ovarian cancer in 1999 and she finally decides to share her story.

Glenburn, ME, January 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Maine author, Janis I. Soucie, has written a memoir titled Reflections of the Heart. She wrote most of the book when she was seventeen years old back in 1999 when the events of the book took place. So why did it take so long for her to write her story? She replies, “It was painful for a long time to go back through my journal entries and pull what I needed from them. Plus, I was battling my own mental health and I just wasn’t in a good space to write the book.”

Soucie wrote the book to be an inspiration and encouragement to others who have lost a loved one. But in this book, she is especially reaching out to teens. She wants to reach out to their broken hearts and give them some news that they are not alone with having a terminally ill parent. Soucie also tells of her faith which saw her through rough times.

Janis I. Soucie is prolific writer who has written over 100 poems and has put them in a compilation titled A Breeze of Whispers. She has also written another historical nonfiction book titled The History of Sackets Harbor, NY. She is currently at work on her next nonfiction book called Secret Anguish: My Mental Health Journey. She hopes to have Secret Anguish published later this year.
Janis Soucie