Two NYC Teens Co-Found a Bipartisan Magazine: Teen Policy Magazine

Sydney Blakeman, currently a Junior in high school along with Declan Rexer, a fellow high school student, co-founded a bi-partisan magazine that aims to inform teenagers about a wide range of political beliefs. Every issue is by teens for teens. The magazine writers hope to expose many students to opposing beliefs to expand their own perspectives, but also understand others perspectives. Teen Policy Magazine's website is

New York, NY, January 25, 2019 --( New Bipartisan Policy Magazine for Teens, by Teens

In this bruising era of bitter politics and a divided America, two New York City teens have created a bipartisan magazine to give voice to their peers across the country while also sharing information on policy relating to justice, economic, environmental, and social welfare issues.

The biweekly publication, Teen Policy Magazine, launched online this year on January 1. Each issue is written and produced by high school students whose perspectives reflect young America’s depth and diversity. The magazine was founded by Declan Rexer, a junior at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, and Sydney Blakeman, a junior at the Nightingale-Bamford School. It is intended to provide a safe forum for young writers to not only speak their truth, but defend it. Staying informed is crucial in the lightening-fast news cycle, but in our age of political polarization, many individuals forget that hearing news and opinion from a perspective that is outside one’s own is an integral part of the democratic process. The goal of Teen Policy Magazine is not merely to keep students informed, but also to provide a news outlet that is free from the toxicity of single-sided partisan politics for the next generation of readers, writers, and leaders.

Each issue begins with a summary of the most important stories of the previous two weeks, along with links to media outlets for deeper engagement. The second half of the magazine features at least two opinion pieces by students on a topic or theme in the news. The editors are particularly interested in gathering essays from students across the country in an attempt to reflect and gauge the range of reactions and beliefs on issues from climate change to immigration. From the high school students who mobilized around gun control in the wake of the Parkland shootings to those who organized and promoted voting in the midterm elections, America’s teens have demonstrated their creative clout and intellectual vigor. Teen Policy Magazine will be a crucial platform to continue that political engagement. Clients who wish to receive our free issues should subscribe on our website.
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