National Flex Football
National Flex Football

Former NFL Players at National Flex Football Bringing 9on9 Limited-Contact Football League to Amarillo this Spring

This Spring, the team at NFX | National Flex Football is bringing 9v9, limited-contact football to Amarillo; NFX West Texas - Amarillo.

Amarillo, TX, January 29, 2019 --( 9on9 Flex Football by NFX is a limited-contact “Spring Ball” league that is spreading rapidly in locations across the country, and now it's coming to Amarillo. The "Flex" style of play seen in this league is the same one the NFL teams use to develop their skills without putting the wear and tear on the body as it allows blocking but no head/shoulder contact and no tackling as players are marked down by 2-hand touch.

NFX youth football leagues afford fall tackle players 500+ more reps in the offseason to develop translatable football skills. Flex creates an opportunity for kids wanting to try out football for the first time without all of the risk that comes from impact. For kids looking to progress their skills and experience past the game of flag football, this creates a "next-level" non-impact opportunity.

League will be run with the support of the Top of Texas Youth Football League. Top of Texas is encouraging all of their participants to treat this as a Spring training platform. This Flex league is for all kids from the ages of 6 to 14 years old.

Registration for the Spring NFX Flex league is now open and you can find out more information and register at
National Flex Football
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