JDGerdeman Writes "Red, White, and Blue Vote Play" for Schools and Local Theaters

As part of a series of plays to help Junior and Senior High students learn, this effort demonstrates the voting process in the USA. JDGerdeman is producing plays to aid teachers. Participants and the viewers can better understand how to vote and how to select the candidate. JDGerdeman specifically inserts ways to observe and understand that which may sway your vote one way or another. The choosing of a candidate is important.

Coral Springs, FL, February 03, 2019 --(PR.com)-- JDGerdeman believes the ability to vote for the person of your choice is an honor and a privilege. Our education system does not teach us much about selection of leaders or participating in the process. JDGerdeman offers this play to fill that gap. This play is suitable for Jr. High, High School Students, local theater, professionals, others and audiences of all ages. The play is based on facts and experiences of the author.

JDGerdeman uses characters to go through some of the key issues in a small town setting. This allows the audience to have time to ponder the specifics and form opinions. Characters like “Sneaky Pete” demonstrate that the candidates are not always the best for us.

This play is part of JDGerdeman’s “Red, White, and Blue Series.”

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About Author

JDGerdeman's talented author Jim Gerdeman wrote this play. Jim was educated at Bowling Green State University and earned his Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of Dayton. He is the “Middle Class American.” Jim has been a systems engineer, technical manager, integration support manager, and owner of his own company. He has written books about his personal life, equal opportunity, how to stop smoking and technical subjects. He has written several stage and screen plays. He advocates diversity and the willingness to work hard to achieve. He and his wife Mary Jo live in South Florida.

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